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How And Why You Should Save Bacon Lard (Kitchen Hack)

How & Why You Should Save Bacon Lard (Kitchen Hack)

If you’ve ever wondered about how or why you should save your bacon drippings, this article is for you. This is a “vintage” tried & true kitchen hack. Saving & reusing the drippings from bacon is a generations-old kitchen hack that I learned from my granny. Grandmothers know what’s up, when it comes to anything in the kitchen.

benefits of saving bacon lard


My granny actually began using this bacon lard hack when she was a little girl. She was raised in a HUGE Mennonite family with 14 siblings, so it was imperative NOT to waste anything. This kitchen hack is eco-friendly, & a great money-saver! It can be used in place of synthetic cooking oils, like vegetable oil & canola oil, for various fried foods & adds to the flavor profile of your dish. 


Anytime you fry bacon, allow it to cool & then carefully pour it into glass storage containers & store it in your refrigerator. I highly recommend glass containers & caution against using plastic. Some people prefer to strain the chunky parts (bacon pieces) out of the bacon grease, but I just toss everything together in a container. The bacon pieces add another layer of flavor! The uses for the bacon lard are endless!


Using bacon drippings for cooking & frying is the best & easiest way to add extra flavor into your meals. If you’re using it to cook or fry meats, it adds a wonderful sear, especially to salmon. We use bacon lard for so many things!

*Scrambled Eggs – (makes the tastiest eggs ever!)

*Gluten-Free Breakfast Wraps

*Stir Fry Chicken

*Fried Potatoes

*Fried Breakfast Potatoes


*Crispy Skillet Salmon

how to use bacon lard for cooking

 The possibilities for re-using your bacon lard/grease are endless! You will be amazed at the extra flavor it adds to your food. The next time you fry bacon, don’t toss out the grease! Once it cools, pour it into a glass container & store in your refrigerator. The next time you want an easy way to add extra flavor to a dish, use your bacon lard! It’s so much better than using synthetic cooking oils like canola oil & vegetable oil.

Explore Your Cooking Creativity!!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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