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Custom Made Shoe Closet – Storage Solution for Shoeaholics

Custom Made Shoe Closet – Storage Solution for Shoeaholics

Custom Made Shoe Closet – Storage Solution for Shoeaholics

Do you have too many shoes & not enough storage… or space?  My custom made shoe closet takes advantage of unused wall space. If you’re short on space, our DIY shoe storage solution is perfect, because it doesn’t need any floor space. 

I’ve always struggled with finding shoe storage solutions that didn’t stand out like a sore thumb in my bedroom. The shoe rack that I had for many years was bulky & made our bedroom look too cluttered. I needed a better shoe storage option, because there was no way I could cram them in my stuffed closets. My husband came to the rescue with his brilliant custom made shoe closet idea.

this custom made shoe closet takes advantage of unused vertical space


Apparently, my sweet hubby had an ulterior motive…. haha! If there’s anything he loves as much as me, it’s power tools. Fixing my shoe storage issue was the perfect excuse for hubby to pick up a new cordless sawzall to add to his collection… {keep reading to see why we needed one.}





The first steps to creating a practical shoe storage solution…

  • Outline your shoe closet design on the wall with a pencil. 
    • This outline is what you’re going to cut later, so use a level to ensure your lines are straight. 
  • Cut the outline & remove the drywall  {within the outline} with a drywall saw
  • Once we removed the drywall, there was a stud running down the middle, impeding our shoe closet design. Since the wall was not load bearing, we removed the stud with a cordless sawzall.
    • BEFORE removing studs or walls in your home, make sure the wall isn’t load bearing. 

this custom made shoe closet takes advantage of unused vertical space

“Pretty-up” the back of your new built-in shoe cubby…

  • Cut bead board to the size of the opening with a cordless circular saw. This bead board will become the back of the built-in shoe closet. 
  • To install & adhere the bead board, we applied a generous amount of liquid nails {with a caulk gun} to the bead board & to the drywall as well.

applying caulk to adhere the beadboard backing


Frame the inside & the outside…

  • To “frame-in” the inside of the built-in, we installed wood boards.
  • To frame the exterior of the built-in, we added a door trim kit. I chose to go with a door trim kit with rosettes that mimicked the Victorian-era built-ins from my grandparents’ home. {similar one here.}

Custom made shoe closet needs some shelves…

  • Measured & laid out holes for the shelving brackets on the new framing.
  • We installed the shelves with shelf brackets {FYI – this will make the shelves stationary, you won’t be able to “adjust” them}
  • Cut the shelves to size to fit within the built-in with a sliding compound miter saw.
 rough draft of the custom made shoe closet


The pretty finishing touches…

  • To make the ends of the shelves appear seamless against the inside framing, we filled in any “gaps” with with white caulk. 
  • Using white paint, I painted all of the components of the new shoe closet. 
    • We repurposed the white trim paint that was left behind by the previous home owner. 
  • I added {non-adhesive} shelf liner to protect the painted shelves from scuffs.
    • When we sell our home, the new owner can easily repurpose this custom made shoe closet into a bookshelf.

photo of finished built-in shoe closet with massive leaning mirror beside it

Do you like the super awesome leaning mirror we now have? DIY’ing this massive leaning mirror was one of the projects that had “delayed” the shoe built-in. It was totally worth it, because this mirror is AMAZING! {P.S. – this mirror is double-awesome, because it cost less than $70 for us to DIY!}

tall built-in shoe rack

Shoe storage & organization solved…

We’re no longer greeted with a bulky shoe rack as soon as we open our bedroom door. We actually have to walk into our bedroom & “turn the corner” to be able to see my shoes displayed in the custom made shoe closet.

This shoe built-in is the perfect epitome of “beautifully hidden in plain sight.”

custom made shoe closet for shoe storage

More shoe storage organization hacks?…

Although this built-in is large, it’s still no match for mass quantities of shoes. 🙁 BUT… I found a way to store all of my flats, sandals & tall boots WITHOUT cluttering our master bedroom. I shall share my storage tricks in an upcoming post. 😉 You’ll love it, especially if you hate seeing “girly shit” in you & your husband’s bedroom.

custom made shoe closet for shoe organization


Unlike our nightstand makeover, this DIY shoe rack was no quick win. After installing the shoe shelves & the majority of the trim, that’s how it set… for close to a year! No joke, it really did look “rough” for almost a year. Why? Life & other projects {like our massive diy floor leaning mirror} had seemed to take precedence over adding the final touches.

When projects linger for months, & just when we think we can’t take it anymore, we say “bring it on!” No matter how time-consuming or bloody frustrating a project can be, we NEVER give up! & neither should you! Face those challenges head-on. There’s no gratification in giving into your fears/frustrations.


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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