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How To Create DIY Custom Curtains On A Dime

How To Create DIY Custom Curtains On A Dime

*Discover how we saved hundreds of dollars on curtains for our master bedroom with DIY curtains. We also share a bonus “decorator’s tip” that you don’t want to miss.   


I wanted super cute curtains for our master bedroom, but everything I liked was over $50+ per panel! $50.00 x 10 panels = $500.00. There was no way I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on curtains. I did what every girl on a budget with expensive taste did…DIY curtains, baby! When you’re as picky as me, sometimes the only way to get exactly what you want, is to create it.

So what did I do?…

how to create custom curtains on a dime



I purchased boring & inexpensive curtains from Walmart.com & embellished them to get what I wanted. I bought the room darkening curtains. Six 95″ panels & four 84′ panels for around $88.00! That’s a huge difference from $500.00! Since not all of our windows are the same, we needed curtains in different lengths. 

step-1 the curtain before


taped stencil to curtain

Before painting, I placed an old sheet underneath the curtain to protect the carpet. IF you are tackling this project, I’d highly suggest using a large craft table, instead of placing it on your flooring. Even with the old sheet underneath the curtains, paint still bled through onto the carpet. It didn’t matter to us since we’re planning on replacing the flooring.  

painting on the stencil design on the curtain panel

We taped the stencil to the curtain with painter’s tape, because this fabric shifts easily. I also taped the actual curtain to the sheet underneath, as an added measure to prevent shifting.

step-4 with painted stencil on curtain


After painting the first DIY curtain, I repeated the same thing, 9 more times. This is definitely a time-intensive project. It took about of week & a half of working on this project, off-&-on, to complete. 

completed diy curtain

The finished product is absolutely amazing! We absolutely love how the curtains look hanging in our bedroom. Although the panels are named “room darkening”, they’re not that much different from regular panels. 

Decorating Tip: When hanging your curtains, hang them high & wide. Don’t make the mistake of hanging your curtains right above the window, it severely “dwarfs” any space. Hanging your curtains as high as you can, draws your attention up, making any space feel roomy & luxurious.


You can easily create your own customized curtains, as well! All it takes is your favorite color in fabric paint & a stencil design you love… & lots of time. Did I mention how much money you can save creating this DIY project? Hundreds! Our mantra is “save money on material items when you can, so you can splurge on experiences.”

steps-1-4 to DIY curtains

$ave That Money!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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