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The Best Damned DIY Triptych Art Under $50

The Best Damned DIY Triptych Art Under $50

We’re in the middle of making over our master bathroom, here at the Leggo house, featuring new paint & décor. Thanks to our DIY triptych art idea, we *finally* made use of an awesome octopus shower curtain that we bought over a year ago. This octopus shower curtain becomes the best damned DIY triptych art ever!


octopus shower curtain curtain laying on the floor

What the hell is triptych?…

Triptych – pronounced trip-tick, is a work of art that’s divided into 3 sections.

how to create huge art on a budget with a shower curtain


Thanks (or no thanks) to our Leggo Luck, the large blank wall in our bathroom wasn’t quite big enough to “replicate” the same DIY art we did for our stairwell.


Plan B: Although the “bigger” of the 2 walls was too small, both walls combined was just the right size to create Triptych art out of the shower curtain.

boring blank bathroom wall



*Shower curtain (of your choice; more octopus inspiration below)

*Staple gun & staples

*Compound Miter Saw

* Cordless drill & screws

*Command strips (optional, we used these to make it “flush” with the wall)

* 8 pieces of # 2 Topchoice Whitewood Boards (1″ x 2″x6 ft.) (“whitewood” doesn’t refer to the color)

*Paint – for the wood pieces (optional)


MONEY-SAVING TIP: Since our shower curtain was white & see-through, we needed white-colored boards. To our surprise, the actual white-colored boards at Lowe’s were $15.00 a piece!!! We said “hell no, $15.00 x 8 pieces is $120.00!!” At $25.00 for 8 pieces of the “#2 Topchoice Whitewood Boards”, we went the budget-friendly route & painted them ourselves. That’s almost $100.00 savings! 🙂 Save that money!


the budget-friendly wood choice for framing



To save $100.00, we happily painted the wood boards white, with paint we had on-hand. Jonathan only painted 1-side of the wood, since the “back” will be facing the wall. This step is completely optional since it’s dependent upon personal preference & the color of your shower curtain.

pieces of wood for the frame


Determine the size that you want each frame of your Triptych, & cut the wood pieces, using a compound miter saw. TIP: Alternatively, a miter box could be used if you don’t have an compound miter saw.

PS: If you’re like us & have a tiny condo garage (& no workshop), you know you’ve got to make things work with what you have, & with where you are... thus using the saw on our driveway. 🙂

cutting the wood pieces with a compound miter saw
#condolife #nogaragespace

Once you’re happy with your cuts, assemble the pieces into three frames, using a cordless drill & screws.

1 white painted frame


Do a mock-up with the “pretty side-up” & with the “pretty side-down”. The mock-up of the “pretty side-up” will give you a visual of how the final product will look. ALL of the remaining steps will be done with the shower curtain & the painted wood frames “pretty side-down.”


To minimize cutting errors, staple the outer edges of the shower curtain to the “end” frames first.This method works perfectly well, especially if the fabric is “slippy.”

mock-up of both frames on the ends of the shower curtain


Carefully cut out the middle piece. I started cutting by “eyeballing”& I could see that my OCD hubby was having a “meltdown” that I wasn’t using a tape measure as a “cutting guide.”

Before he went into total “hubby meltdown mode,” I allowed him to take over, but not before “lovingly torturing him for a little bit. Ha! Apparently it’s the work supervisor in him. 🙂

cutting out the sections


Staple the middle piece. Finish stapling the end pieces & then cut off any excess fabric. (Keep reading for an awesome way to repurpose the fabric scraps & a good laugh. 🙂 )

all 3 sections are stapled


After you’ve determined where you want each piece to hang & how much space you want in-between each piece, drill screws into the wall with the cordless drill.


how to hang triptych artWe also used command strips on the middle & bottom of the frames to make them “flush” with the wall (totally optional).

diy triptych art hanging in bathroom


& just in case you’re looking for a total badass way to repurpose those fabric scraps… you can become “Repurposed Rambo

repurposed rambo



  • Doesn’t require a lot of skill;
  • It’s a QUICK-WIN;
  • Easily completed in a weekend;
  • Great for odd corners & blank walls;
  • The “3” is where it’s at – creates DRAMA & INTRIGUE;
  • The 3 pieces with the “negative space” creates an EXPENSIVE AESTHETIC;
  • You can become REPURPOSED RAMBO, ’nuff said!

Until next time,


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky





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