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Double Vanity Makeover Under $50! {Master Bath Series}

Double Vanity Makeover Under $50! 

If you hate the look of builder-grade oak cabinets, you’ll love our double vanity makeover that cost under $50.00! Did I mention that we also replaced ALL 7 pieces of the builder-grade cabinetry hardware? Are you impressed with the super low cost of our double vanity makeover? If you’ve price-matched hardware, you’d be impressed, since $50.00 can be the cost for 1 piece of hardware!

builder-grade double vanity before
Before: Basic Bitch Builder-Grade

The entire vanity required a complete makeover. Our first step of our double vanity makeover was to conquer upgrading the base & hardware, which is what we’re discussing today. 

We transformed our vanity with stain & new hardware for under $50

Let’s talk about the double vanity makeover cost…

How did we keep our master bathroom vanity makeover cost so low? As with most DIY’ers, we already had some of the supplies on hand, which helps keeps our “out-of-pocket” project expenses low.


  • General Finishes Gel Stain in Black
    • we purchased ours for $29.99 at our local paint shop 
    • Since this brand is hard to find at brick & mortar shops, we included the link above to Amazon. 🙂
  • General Finishes Gel Top Coat  
  • 4 door hardware pieces
    • Hobby Lobby bargain! $10.88 for all 4!
  • 3 drawer hardware pieces
    • another Hobby Lobby bargain! $5.16 for all 3!
  • **Wood filler**
    • if you’re not repurposing the hardware holes, you’ll need to use wood filler. We got lucky this time & didn’t need to fill any hardware holes.

GRAND TOTAL = $46.03!! We came under-budget by $3.97. 

What are the other steps for the double vanity makeover?…

  • Upgrading the countertop;
  • Upgrading the sinks;
  • & replacing those disgusting builder-grade faucets with a more modern faucet.
    • Surprisingly even though we run on Hippie Time, we actually conquered all of the subsequent steps in the double vanity makeover. We’ll share the reveals & well as how we purchased modern faucets for next-to-nothing… as in $22.32 each.
Hobby Lobby inexpensive door handles & drawer knobs
Super awesome hardware from Hobby Lobby’s clearance section. Total score! P.S. – We bought the door & drawer pulls months apart from each other.


First things first…

When painting or staining a project {with hardware}, you need to decide whether you’re re-using or replacing the hardware. If you’re replacing the hardware, you need to determine if you can repurpose the holes OR wood fill the existing holes & re-drill. 

  • Drawer hardware – we were able to use the existing holes 
  • Door hardware – we were able to use the 1 existing hole & simply drill 1 new hole on each door. 
mock-up your new hardware before staining
We were happy with the mock-up. No need to wood-fill the existing hole, we just need to create a new one.

Blow the doors off the hinges…

Jonathan removed the doors, drawer fronts & the faux drawer fronts to make staining a hell of a lot easier. A total of 9 removed pieces took over our living room & our tiny garage… oh the sacrifices you make when you live a DIY life.  

dismantled faux drawer fronts & 1 door
Removing the pieces that we could definitely made this DIY go smoother.


1 coat of General Finishes Gel Stain
The super tedious part begins… definitely not a quick win DIY.

The silver lining is that we didn’t have to stain & top coat the back sides of the faux drawer pieces. {The top 2 rectangle pieces, for reference.} Because unless you’re playing hide & seek in the vanity, you’re not going to see the non-stained backs of the faux drawer pieces. 

builder-grade double vanity makeover prep
Yup, the organization inside the vanity needs a “makeover” too…

Months earlier, after some trial & error from this project, General Finishes became one of our favorite DIY supplies. There was absolutely no question that we would use the same brand for our vanity makeover.

The bigger question… what color of stain do we use? 

Before we painted our bathroom, we thought we had our hearts set on Java – the same color we used on our stairs. But… I decided that our light & airy freshly painted walls & ceilings needed a bold vanity to balance things out.  

This is where I disagree with every single blogger & decorator. You do NOT need to have every single little detail ironed-out when upgrading & remodeling. This is how you can easily shoot yourself in the foot. Planning projects on paper vastly differs from how it will look in real life. 


All of Jonathan’s hard work & patience really paid off!

3 coats of General Finishes gel stain in Black on 4 door faces
So close, we can almost taste it!

The long & tedious process…

  • 3 coats of General Finishes Stain in Black to the entire vanity base, plus…
  • 3 coats of stain to the front pieces: 
    • 2 faux drawer panels;
    • 3 drawers &;
    • 4 doors
  • 3 coats of stain to the back pieces:
    • 3 drawers & 
    • 4 doors. 

Rinse & Repeat?…

  • He repeated the same process by applying 3 coats of General Finishes top coat. 
newly installed hardware up-close
Isn’t this hardware awesome?

Oh my god, Becky… look at that vanity makeover…

double vanity makeover conquered
Seriously Becky, just look at it!

It seems hard to believe but the new dark base actually makes the bathroom seem larger. Since the vanity base is now a very dark color & near the floor, it has somewhat of a disappearing effect. 

side view of the double vanity makeover
Stunning vanity, but… the hideous builder-grade flooring is stealing the spotlight… but not for long… it will get its upgrade soon!

One thing leads to another… 

We couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s hard to believe that we conquered our double vanity makeover for under $50.00! It looks way better than expected that it makes the rest of our “untouched” builder-grade bathroom look like crap. {*coughs* like the flooring!} We’ll be conquering a long list of projects in our “Master Bath Series” … all in due time. Until next time, don’t forget to shop Hobby Lobby for inexpensive hardware! 






  1. August 13, 2017 / 11:12 am

    Great job being flexible! I always have a plan but let’s clues along the way shape the final project! With any remodeling, unknowns WILL pop up! Looks super!!

  2. August 11, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    Real impressive how 50 bucks can go a long way

  3. Sabrina
    August 11, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    This looks so good! I can’t believe you did it all for under 50 bucks!

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