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Laundry Room Gets The Faux Marble Floor Treatment

Laundry Room Gets The Faux Marble Floor Treatment

This faux marble floor marks the *final* phase of our laundry room makeover. To check out what we did in the first phase, click here. Adding tile that looks like marble to our laundry room was so incredibly easy and was a DIY quick-win. 

Our plan is to replace most of the flooring in our home, so to build momentum, we started with one of the smallest footprints in our home… the laundry room. The ugly builder-grade laminate flooring was begging for the marble treatment aka the marble look for less.

upgrade your flooring with tiles that looks like marble without the cost of marble


  • Traffic Master Self-Stick Vinyl Tile in Carrara Marble
    • We used the 12×24 tile size.
    • Don’t know how many faux marble tiles to get? See the helpful formula below. 
  • Utility knife – to cut the fake marble tiles.
  • Grout – optional
    • We used Simple Grout in Delorean Gray.
  • Grout float 
  • Grout sponge 

Decorating Tip: Choosing the larger, rectangular tiles helps to visually enlarge the floor. Bigger is definitely better! (Click here to read why size matters with artwork, too!)


  • First: Determine which size of vinyl tiles you want. 
  • Second: To figure out how many tiles you need for the square footage of your space, use the fake marble floor formula… 


Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) = square footage of the floor.

A few helpful tips…

  • After you know the square footage of your space, refer to the tile box for the # of square feet that 1 box covers.
    • Using the same size peel ‘n stick marble tiles as us? 1 box covers 20 square feet.
  • Don’t forget to add 10% to your square footage to determine how many “buffer” pieces you’ll need.
    • Buffer pieces save you from making another trip back to the store, if a piece is broken or damaged.


  • Make sure your floor is clean & dust-free. 
  • Do a quick mock-up of your faux marble tiles to figure out your layout. 

mock-up of 2 faux marble floor tiles

The one tip to make your fake marble flooring look as realistic as possible…

  • Marble naturally flows in the same direction, as opposed to “flowing into” one another. 
  • Make sure that all of your tiles are going in the same direction.
  • The removable paper on the back of each one has arrows to help you.
  • Pay extra attention to the direction of the arrows to create a realistic as possible faux marble floor.

backing of faux marble vinyl tiles with arrows

What layout did we choose for our marble tile? …

  • We stuck the first row (towards the bottom) & loved it so much, so we did a mock-up with 2 more rows, just to make sure we didn’t need to make any adjustments. 🙂

mock-up of the first few rows of faux marble tiles

  • Since much of the floor will be “hidden” from the appliances & hampers, we started the floor where you will actually see the faux marble tiles in their entirety. 
  • This way, the partial/cut pieces will be “hidden” by the appliances. 


The pictures below are what the installed tiles look like without being grouted. Aside from wanting to go in the “grout direction” for vanity (provides a more realistic look), it’s also for practicality!

view of the flooring from the hallway

Laundry dryer lint gets EVERYWHERE! Without grouting, we knew the lint would find itself lodged in the crevices of the tiles.

view from the utility closet of the entire floor


We used Simple Grout brand in Delorean Gray & followed the super simple directions on the back. Simple Grout comes in multiple colors, so choose the one you love.

If you’re grouting your fake marble tile, you’ll need a grout float to help spread the mixed grout & a grout sponge to wipe off the excess grout.

close-up of faux marble vinyl tiles with grout lines

We highly recommend purchasing the grout float to give your grout a flawless look. I don’t know why, but this step reminds me of icing a cake. 🙂

faux marble floor with laundry room appliances

The grouted tiles adds a subtle elegance, helping to achieve a more realistic marble tile look.

The tiles WITHOUT the grout look like a giant piece of marble, while the grouted tiles are defined.

Either one looks great, so you can’t go wrong!

faux marble floor with and without grout comparison

We couldn’t be more Project Proud with our laundry room floor. All thanks to this gorgeous tile that looks like marble. The before & after pictures really speak for themselves.

before and after faux marble floor comparison


You don’t need a lot of skills or money to achieve faux marble flooring with self-stick vinyl tiles. You also don’t need a ton of time either! Our flooring project was completed in one weekend & cost under $75.00… {not including supplies/tools we had on hand.} Give this quick-win a try, you’ll love the massive impact it makes!


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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