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DIY Art For An Anniversary Gift (Pop Art Series)

DIY Art For An Anniversary Gift (Pop Art Series)

*My favorite DIY Pop Art + the BEST first date ever (with my now-husband) = DIY pop art with sentimental meaning.

This is the third installment of what we like to call “Pop Art”. You can check out our first installment here & our second installment here. Our Pop Art is a fun & funky way to express yourself. It’s an awesome way to upcycle an existing art canvas that you own but have fallen out of love with. 

I actually loved this art canvas, but since we both purchased the same one before we moved-in together, we didn’t need two of the same. 

the canvas before it gets upcycled


how to create diy pop art from an upcycled art canvas


Step #1 ⇒ Apply vinyl letters to your canvas

diy pop art step 1

Step # 2 ⇒ If you want the sides of the canvas to stay as-is, tape with painter’s tape. If you want to paint the sides, skip to next step.

sides left unpainted

Step # 3 ⇒ Paint over the canvas & stickers. We mixed several shades of blue acrylic craft paint together & gave it 2 coats. Wall, trim, chalk, or milk paint would also work. 

diy first date pop art

Step #4 ⇒ Carefully remove the vinyl stickers. We waited about a half hour after the final coat of paint to remove the letters. Tweezers work best to assist in removing the stickers.


I’m sentimental, so I’ll forever cherish the first date with my now-husband. We were “matched” by eHarmony & after a month of getting to know one another via phone, our first date was the first time we met.

I decided we would meet-up for coffee, so I could easily bail if: he didn’t open the door for me; talked non-stop about himself; or bragged about material possessions. You can probably infer that I previously dated “turds” & had a game plan if things went left. Haha! He obviously met those “first date expectations”, because now we’re married. 🙂 Haha!

diy first date art before and after

I was planning that our first date would be an hour, tops. To my surprise, after we had coffee, we went shopping at the outlets, then strolled around a beautiful city park, & lastly noshed on some pizza. We literally couldn’t get enough of each other. It was literally an 8-hour date. My plans of going home early to organize my closet was squashed… & I was totally okay with that. 

What’s sweeter than memorializing your first date into DIY art? It’s something we will (hopefully) cherish forever.


 In 4 easy steps, you can create this DIY Pop Art in under an hour. Whether you have a canvas you fell out of love with or want a unique way to upcycle thrift store art, give our DIY Pop Art Series a try!

DIY Pop Art is like sweet potato chips… you can’t have just one.

 Stay Creative!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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