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A Well-Hung Gallery Wall In 10 Easy Steps

A Well-Hung Gallery Wall In 10 Easy Steps

Do you hate blank, boring & bare walls? Do you LOVE art, but the thought of hanging a gallery wall stops you in your tracks? Stress no more! We show you the fool-proof method we used to create our own gallery wall with 10 easy steps.  This eclectic gallery art wall is just what our stairwell needed to add pops of color & interest. This “quick win” project will make you fall in love with your home again & again. 

use wrapping paper to trace art and hang with painter's tape for a gallery wall mock-up


As with most projects, going at it blindly isn’t going to give you the desired results. Follow these 10 easy baby steps to get you to your desired goal. You’ve got this!

10 steps for a well-hung gallery wall


well-hung gallery wall in 10 easy steps

# 1. Gather all art pieces you think you want to incorporate into your gallery wall. Don’t get hung-up on ruminating over what pieces to include & which ones to nix. Just gather your pieces. Remember, the first step to anything is usually the hardest. As you go through the other steps, your “gallery vision” will become 20/20 clear.

#2. Layout & arrange all art pieces on a cleared-section of the floor.

#3. Keep the flow. If there are any pieces that disrupt the overall “flow”, whether it be disrupts the color scheme or the “feeling” of the gallery, toss it to the side.

#4. Trace all of the art pieces that survived step 3 on brown paper bags or wrapping paper.

#5. Secure a string line to use as a benchmark for measurements. For our stairwell, we used 68″ as the diagonal benchmark from the top of the stairs to the landing.

use a string on your gallery wall mock-up to help guide you

  #6. Mock-up your gallery floor layout by taping the traced paper to the wall.

create a gallery wall mock-up to view placement

#7. Evaluate the placement of the taped “art”. Take your time with this step – we actually had our taped gallery art on the wall for a few days… to make sure we loved the placement.

#8. Reposition, relocate or remove pieces to create a better flow.

#9. Hang one piece of art at a time, using the string line & the “paper art” for placement. Use screws for heavier pieces & command strips for lighter pieces.

#10. Celebrate your well-hung gallery wall.

colorful, unique and eclectic gallery wall

An inch is an inch! One inch completed today is one less inch to conquer tomorrow!

view looking from the top floor down at the stairwell gallery art wall

That wasn’t to painful was it? You can easily create & hang your own gallery wall in 10 easy-to-follow baby steps. When you break things down into smaller & more manageable tasks, you can conquer anything! Gather; Layout; Keep the flow; Trace; Secure; Mock-up; Evaluate; Reposition; Hang; Celebrate!

(P.S – did you notice that the color of the banisters changed? Click here to read all about it.)

 Cheers To Quick Wins!   

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky









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