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The 12 Best Gluten-Free Bargains at BJ’s

The 12 Best Gluten-Free Bargains at BJ’s

Eating healthy, gluten-free & organic is one hell of a healthy trifecta to meet! Striving for all three usually involves a battle of sacrifice & cost. Sacrificing something completely healthy for gluten-free – I’m guilty. Thankfully, shopping at BJ’s helps me conquer the high cost by buying these 12 gluten-free bargains at BJ’s. 

12 gluten-free bargains at BJ's


Not only is gluten in EVERTHING from food to health & beauty products, avoiding it can be quite pricey. The struggle is real!! There’s a massive movement right now for consumers becoming more aware of the ingredients in their food & demanding better options. Jonathan & I have been shopping at BJ’s for 2 years now, & within that time have noticed more & more gluten-free options. This movement is positive in so many ways! Keep reading to find out which gluten-free items we personally love & buy in bulk at BJ’s.



# 1. Chosen Foods: Coconut Oil Cooking Spray // (2) 4.7 oz. bottles // $7.99

coconut oil spray

While $4.00 per bottle may seem pricey, it contains none of the harmful ingredients of conventional cooking spray.

#2. Wellsley Farms: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil // (1) 54 oz. container // $14.99


extra virgin coconut oil

We use a TON of coconut oil here in the Leggo house, & this is the best deal we’ve found!  It’s the best healthy substitute for processed vegetable & canola oils… & it’s also a great eye-makeup remover!

What the heck do we use it for? We use it for sautéing chicken, roasting sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, & in our favorite gluten-free pancake mix.

#3. Imagine Brand: Organic Chicken Broth // 1 box of 6 cartons – 32 oz. each // $12.99

organic gluten-free chicken broth

Not all chicken broths are created equal! This is the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t contain gluten. We usually wait to purchase this until it’s in the BJ’s monthly coupon books to save even more money.

#4. Lärabars – Mini Variety // 30 count // $12.99

#5. Lärabars – Variety Pack // 18 full-sized bars // $14.99

gluten-free larabars

Lärabars are so delicious! They contain real food ingredients & taste just like you’re eating dessert. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough & the peanut butter cookie bars the best!

#6. Wellsley Farms: Organic Sumatra Whole Bean Coffee // 40 oz. bag // $16.99
#7. Wellsley Farms: Organic Peruvian ground coffee // 32 oz. bag // $11.99

affordable organic coffee

We drink a TON of coffee! When I read an article that said 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed on conventional coffee, I knew it was time to switch to organic. If you’ve price-matched organic coffee, you know that this is a KILLER deal!

#8. Freschetta Gluten-Free Pizza // 2 count // $14.99

gluten-free cardboard pizza

Obviously this isn’t the most healthy nor is it organic, but it is gluten-free, which is what matters most.

 #9. Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread // 26 oz. // $7.99

gluten-free bargain at BJ's udi's frozen bread

When I don’t have time to bake bread, we choose Udi’s. Even my hubby, who isn’t 100% gluten-free, loves this bread.

# 10. Wellsley Farms: Organic Peas // 4 lb. bag // $6.99

frozen organic peas


# 11. Wellsley Farms: Organic Broccoli Florets // 4 lb. bag // $6.99

frozen organic broccoli florets


#12. Cottonelle Toilet Paper // 36 count // $19.99

cottonelle tp

Last, but not least is gluten-free toilet paper. 🙂 I had to sneak this one in here, because it’s the best deal that we’ve found. When you use your BJ’s coupon, this becomes a deal that you shouldn’t pass.

gluten-free bargains at BJ's

While these are certainly not the only 12 gluten-free items at BJ’s, they are items that we purchase & love. If you didn’t see your favorite gluten-free items on the list, we’d love to hear from you! Until next time,


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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