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good being beauty box review – October 2017

good being beauty box review – October 2017

This month’s good being non-toxic beauty box had a value of $61.99. There were 5 items in October’s box, with 2 full-sized items. 

If you’re not familiar with good being beauty box, it’s a monthly subscription box for those interested in non-toxic & natural products. Thinking about joining an all-natural subscription box? Click here to read my thorough review on this monthly subscription box. 

find out what i got in my October 2017 good being beauty box

If you’re wondering why I’m just now sharing all about the October box, it’s because I received this box late in the month… again. When I first subscribed months ago, it always came the first week of every month, without fail. Oh well… moving on…


good being beauty box – the October review

As with every good being beauty box, you have the option to picking 2 items to be included in your non-toxic beauty box. The control-freak inside of me loves this option & I always choose my items immediately after getting the email from good being. 

Pick #1: Andalou Naturals // Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Styling Gel // travel-size // $1.99

I was pleasantly surprised that I LOVED this hair gel! I wasn’t expecting much from a cheap natural hair gel.

I’m hesitant to try new products IF I already have a “holy grail” product…

non-toxic hair gel Andalou Naturals

Imagine my surprise when Andalou Naturals gave my hair the same result as Oway Curly Potion, my favorite non-toxic hair gel.  

Aside from the cost, the only noticeable difference is the scent. Oway Curly Potion has a VERY strong patchouli fragrance, while Andalou is so lightly fragranced that it almost has no scent. 

Pick #2: Orglamix // Instant Clarity Color Correcting Cream // full-size // $18.00

I ‘m not sure what to think of this non-toxic color corrector that’s also a translucent primer. While it does brighten & neutralize redness, I’m just not a fan of cream-based products for my oily skin type. 

non-toxic and natural color correcting primer in good being beauty box october 2017

good being beauty box – The Curated Items

Curated Item #1:

Afterspa // Contured Sleep Mask // $12.00

afterspa sleep mask in good being beauty box October 2017

Am I the only one that finds sleep masks to be a bit creepy? I’m going to keep an open-mind & at least try this … after I wash it first. My husband got a good laugh from this sleep mask… he thought it was a bra! 🙂


Curated Item #2: 

Modicum // #3 Essential Serum // travel-size // $25

I wasn’t overly excited to get this serum, because I already own it & don’t use it very often. I’m very, very sensitive to certain scents & this serum has a super strong & extremely unpleasant scent. 

Do you know what #2 pencils smell like? Hubby swears this serum smells like a ton of #2 pencils. Hahaha… & I’d have to agree! 

modicum skin serum in non-toxic good being beauty box subscription

Curated Item #3: 

Plaine Products // Rosemary, Mint & Vanilla Body Wash // travel-size // $5.00

We were excited to try this new-to-us body wash. Since we transitioned to a more greener lifestyle, we haven’t used body wash in almost 2 years.

Why we don’t use body wash…

The majority of most body washes contain harmful sulfates, among other toxic ingredients. Not to mention, the plastic packaging is detrimental to the environment. 

Just like a cat…

plaine products body wash

Just like a cat, I was excited about the packaging of the Plaine Products body wash… it’s refillable… making it environmentally-friendly. 

Our thoughts on this all-natural body wash…

The scent is surprisingly very light… I was expecting it to smell similar to aromatherapy products. We really wanted to love this body wash, but it felt oddly rough against our skin. Although we love the social & environment mission, we just didn’t love this. We will continue to stick with our holy grail über moisturizing bar soap

good being beauty box October – My Verdict

This month’s good being beauty box had about half of the value as the September box. My monthly subscription costs $20.00, so receiving a box with a $61.99 value, is still a good deal.

This is one of my least favorite monthly boxes from good being. However, I got to try new products & new brands without paying full retail price, so it’s not a complete loss to me. 






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