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good being box February 2018

good being box February 2018

Who doesn’t love getting more for your money? This month’s good being beauty box had a value of $97.69! That’s like getting $77.69 in green & organic beauty items for free {with my good being subscription.} Although it’s a high value, the good being September box holds the title for highest value box yet. 

The 6 green beauty & lifestyle items in my February good being box: 

  1. Mineral mascara primer
    • Spoiler Alert: This actually works & makes a difference!
  2. Gorgeous natural & moisturizing lipstick
    • Spoiler Alert: I’ve worn this almost everyday
  3. Night-time skincare
    • smells like a combo of B&BW lotion & ’80’s decorative hand soaps
  4. Moody yet wear-able creme eyeshadow
    • can be used for more than just shadow
  5. Sleepy-time bath salts
    • smells crazy strong like someone poured an entire bottle of cologne on his person
  6. Weird & gimmick chocolate


A few weeks before your monthly box ships, you have the option to choose 2 items to be included in your next organic beauty box. 

good being organic and green beauty subscription box
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Truly Natural Lipstick in Romance // Honeybee Gardens // full-size // $12.99

organic and non-toxic lipstick in good being box
How gorgeous is this packaging?

Lipstick is my jam! It’s the best pick-me-up for a shitty day. Honeybee Gardens lipstick in Romance smells lovely with a hint of sweetness, but don’t worry, the scent dissipates once applied. The subtle scent is so important for me because I can’t tolerate the strong old lady/crayon scent that plagues the majority of natural lipsticks. 

Honey Bee Gardens truly natural lipstick in Romance
Truly Natural Lipstick in Romance

I was shocked that Honeybee calls this shade a “matte” because it’s unlike any other matte lipstick – it applies smoothly! The sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter & sesame seed oil provide a moisturizing trifecta for your lips! It’s a hybrid of lip balm for protection & lipstick for gorgeous color! 

real-life swatch of Honey Bee Gardens romance lipstick
Eyes: Z Skin Mascara Primer & W3ll People blue mascara; Lips: Honeybee Gardens lipstick in Romance

Beauty Tip: Want to try a sample of Honeybee Gardens beauty items? You can purchase samples for as low as $0.50. 


Mineral Mascara Primer // Z Skin Cosmetics // full-size // $17.99

mineral mascara primer in good being box february 2018
Mineral mascara primer by Z Skin Cosmetics

Second to organic lip products, mascara is my other jam! This primer actually impressed me. It nicely separates my lashes, fans-out  & extends my lashes & makes my W3ll People mascara look even better. 

z skin cosmetics mineral mascara wand
The mascara primer is a milky-white color & dries clear.

Beauty Tip: If you have oily eyelids & hate the transfer that occurs on your eyelids, try this blue mascara. There’s something “extra” in the formula that isn’t in the black formulas. The blue formula is not “wet” like most mascaras. I may be a weirdo, but I prefer my mascara consistency when it’s closer to the end of its 3-month life. 


Cream Eye shadow in Vintage // Au Naturale Cosmetics // sample // $18.00

au naturale cream eye shadow good being box
This cream eye shadow looks intense, but goes on subtle – very buildable!

I’ve tried this brand’s anywhere cream blush {a NARS dupe btw!} from my November box. This shade is moody & gorgeous. It can be applied with your fingers or with an eye shadow brush. I’ve only tried it so far as a stand-alone shadow, but it can also be used as a eye liner or brow filler. 

I may try this as an eye liner, but definitely not as a brow filler… & you shouldn’t either if you have really dark brows. If I used this as a brow filler, my eyebrows would look like I filled them in with a Sharpie! That’s a hard-no, from me… unless I wanted to end up in a Fluffeetalks “The World’s Worst Eyebrows” video. 

Don’t watch Fluffee? Then what are you even doing with your life? 🙂 

au naturale creme de la creme eye shadow in vintage
Creme de la creme eye shadow in Vintage

If I can find a non-toxic eyeshadow primer that actually works, I’d probably really love this cream eyeshadow. But as you can guess, since it’s a cream it creases a lot. 

z skin mascara primer and au naturale eye shadow in vintage
Au Naturale Vintage cream eye shadow blended to a subtle aesthetic; lashes are 1 coat of mascara primer & 2 coats of W3ll People

Sleep Frankincense & Lavender Bath Salts // Mindful Zebra // sample // $8.00

I really expecting this to be a really relaxing, comforting & subtle scent, but it’s anything but. I’d venture to say that it oddly smells relaxing to me, but it’s so GOD-DAMNED STRONG!

mindful zebra bath salts in good being February box
This strong scent is a bit counter intuitive to “sleep”

To be honest, it smells like a natural version of a chemical trail of Axe deodorant. haha! If you’ve ever been in an open-air parking garage & smell someone’s chemical cologne trail, but there’s no one in sight, you know exactly what I’m talking about here! 

Who knows, maybe the scent won’t punch me in the face if I only pour a small amount into our huge garden tub. I’ve never smelled frankincense before, but I definitely can’t smell any notes of lavender. 

Night Cellular Renewal // Bella Aura Skincare // sample // $37.00

My excitement for this quickly waned after I pulled the protective seal off the sample tube. Holy shit, this smells so fucking strong & it’s not the least bit pleasant smelling. 

The scent is a cross between the super disgusting {& toxic!} Sweet Pea lotion from Bath & Body Works & those hideous decorative soaps from the ’80’s with an overwhelming fake rose scent. 

bella aura night cellular renewal in good being box
What’s with the strong scent?!

A huge thanks to my hubby for being my guinea pig with this smelly skincare. The verdict? This shit went straight to the trash. The scent never dissipated, it just sat on his skin. 

Chocolate Supplement // ReChoc // 3 sample bars // $3.75

Do you like gimmick chocolate? This is for you. This chocolate supplement is supposed to have the same amount of Reservatrol as 2 glasses of wine, but it tastes like cheap drugstore chocolate. 

chocolate supplement sample bars in february box
*almost* as gimmicky as “Death Becomes Her Chocolate”

 Although we didn’t like the taste, it didn’t have the “extra weird taste” that the “Death Becomes Her Chocolate” had. The good news? I won’t be trading-in my red wine for shitty-tasting chocolate. 


I’d describe myself as a control freak & it usually works out in my favor. The 2 items that I picked, I ended up loving the most! I’ve worn the lipstick & mascara primer almost daily since un-boxing them. I’m surprised that I received not 1 but 2 heavily-scented items, even though I requested little to no scent in the initial survey. 

Do you tend to be more of a control freak OR just leave things up to chance? 





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