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good being beauty box review – December 2017

good being beauty box review – December 2017

Good being subscription box is like gifting yourself a present every month that “pays” for itself. How does it pay for itself? For the cost of my monthly subscription box, I receive close to triple that amount in organic makeup & lifestyle items. My December good being box gave me an opportunity to try 7 new products with a value of $71.85. 


non-toxic good beauty monthly beauty box


What organic makeup items did I get in my December good being box? 



With every good being all-natural beauty box, you have the option to choose 2 products to be included with your next box. 

Jivi // Hydrating Acne Treatment // full-size // $18.00 value

The packaging for this organic acne treatment was just like receiving a gift. Although at first, I thought I was being punked. I thought it was a toilet paper roll. 🙂

Jivi all-natural acne treatment in good being box

I love this acne treatment just as much as the Blissoma one I received in my November good being box. Although, I love them the same, they are quite different from one another.

Jivi has more of a paste-like consistency that dries matte after application, while the Blissoma is more of an oil-like serum that keeps your skin feeling dewy. Either way, they both have a very nostalgic scent.

Jivi label of ingredients | good being beauty box December 2017

 I’m going to sound crazy, but this scent reminds me of my granny’s musty basement. 🙂  I made Jonathan give it a sniff & he agrees! 🙂 {don’t worry – once it’s applied to your skin, the scent dissipates.}

Jivi hydrating acne treatment lemon tea tree

 Every time I use it, I can hear my granny’s voice saying to me {in her Penna. Dutch accent, “what in the sam-hill are you getting into down there?” Just a bit of backstory: My granny literally never tossed anything, so her basement became a dumping ground of all things vintage, that just begged for my nosy 6-year-old self to explore. Oh how I’d give anything just to hear those words from her again.   

Jivi // Exfoliating Face Wash in Lemongrass // complimentary sample // No value given 

This was an added surprise! It’s a complimentary sample to accompany Jivi’s acne treatment. It smells ahhh-mazing! The scent reminds me of a sugar cookie with a hint of fresh citrus.

complimentary face wash sample in good being December 2017

 Jivi’s exfoliating face wash exfoliates your skin without being harsh or drying. It has to be amazing with all of the 5-star reviews

Elate Clean Cosmetics // Liquid Eyeline in Joy // full-size // $25.00 value 

I’m so excited to add a clean & non-toxic liquid eyeliner to my collection. The color is absolutely stunning! It’s a cross between rose-gold & bronze. This brand has been on my “bucket list” of toxin-free beauty products to try. 

non-toxic Elate liquid eyeliner
Isn’t this packaging to die for?

The packaging reminds me of this lash serum from my September good being box.

elate clean cosmetics liquid eyeliner packaging and wand

Between the design of the applicator wand & the color {not a harsh black}, it makes applying this to your eyes *almost* stress-free. It’s easy to correct {before it dries} if you make a mistake. 

liquid eyeline in joy | rose gold non-toxic eyeliner in good being



Pangea Organics // Body Polish in Brazilian Brown Sugar w/ Cocoa Butter // sample // $7.00 value 

Unlike the organic body scrub from the July good being box, this body scrub requires a bit of mixing before use. It’s also only recommended for your body, not your face. 

Pangea Organics body polish in good being beauty box

With “brown sugar” describing this organic body polish, it doesn’t quite smell as sweet as I had expected. But… hubby was the guinea pig & tried it on his rough man-hands. Oh my goodness, he hands were velvety soft. 

Pangea Organics brown sugar with cocoa butter body polish


Esthechoc // Beauty Chocolate // 3 sample bars // $7.85

I have to admit, this “beauty chocolate” sounds gimmicky. It’s the modern-day version of the liquid ageless beauty potion from Death Becomes Her. {btw, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies.} 

I wouldn’t recommend using this as a “fix” if you throw yourself down the stairs. Haha! 🙂 

esthechoc | beauty dietary supplement in good being box

Even though I try to avoid soy, we both tried this beauty chocolate. I couldn’t taste anything “different,” but the hubster said he could tell that there was something in there that’s not normally in chocolate. I’d say it tastes one-notch above cheap drug-store chocolate. 

esthechoc beauty chocolate

It was worth getting this in my good being box for the laughs alone. However, neither of us “felt more beautiful” & we didn’t like the taste. 

esthechoc cambridge beauty science chocolate


Fred & Far // All of You That’s What I Love Greeting Card & trillion pin // full-size // $14 value 

Receiving this card was perfect timing! I used this blank card as a Christmas card for hubby. Along with the greeting card, there was a pin from the maker of the card. 

Fred and Far greeting card and trillion pin in good being December 2017

I love using pins as an embellishment on my winter coats. I decided to use this one on “Big Bertha,” my super heavy wool winter coat. 

good being box December 2017


  • I love receiving good being every month, because it’s truly a gift to yourself. 
  • I loved all of the items, even the gimmicky beauty chocolate {for the laughs.}
  • This box had an amazing value – $71.85.
  • It’s literally like I paid $20 & received $51.85 worth of organic & non-toxic beauty & lifestyle items for free. 
  • I can’t wait to see what items are curated in my January good being box.





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