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7 Reasons You Need The IKEA Undredal Nightstand

7 Reasons You Need The IKEA Undredal Nightstand

**If the Rast 3-drawer chest has been on your IKEA shopping list, to repurpose as a nightstand, you need this article. I discuss & explain why the IKEA Undredal nightstand is a much, much better option.


Who doesn’t love IKEA for their innovative, unique & inexpensive finds? Better yet, who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack? What’s not to love about customizing, & upgrading an inexpensive item to suit your own personal taste? 

**Don’t have an IKEA close to you? Don’t worry, it’s also available on Amazon… BUT, just know that you’ll be paying more than you would at IKEA. 

Just say “no” to a one night stand…

For months & months, we had been on the search for a nightstand that would work with the bedroom set that Jonathan purchased (long before we were married.) For some odd reason, when he purchased the set, it only came with ONE nightstand. WTF? Not only did it “throw off” the bedroom symmetry, it irritated my OCD.  


Pinterest is full of pins repurposing the IKEA Rast 3-drawer chest into a nightstand. Seeing all of the really cool repurposed IKEA Rast pins, made me want to recreate something similar. What’s not to love about a $34.99 price tag for the Rast?  I was hooked by the hella cheap price & the endless DIY options to customize & upgrade it. That excitement quickly dissipated once I physically went to IKEA to purchase the Rast…

But things aren’t always what they seem…

Sometimes there’s a huge disconnect with what you see on Pinterest & what you expect in real life. It’s difficult to determine the scale of a item when you have only viewed it online. In person, the IKEA Rast 3-drawer chest was much, much smaller than what I had expected.

I was punked by Pinterest…

The Rast was super short, bulky & really cheap looking. It had literally NO room for storing anything. Nothing at all like I had expected. The drawers were shallow & only opened half-way… when I pulled the drawer open, I couldn’t “see” the entire drawer. I felt like a sucker for lusting after the IKEA Rast with all the gorgeous Pinterest hacks. Fast forward a few months later…


My “Knight in Under Armour” (aka my hubby) & I finally found our “night(stand)” in shining armour in September at IKEA…. the Undredal Nightstand!! I’m fairly certain this particular “night” was new since I hadn’t noticed on my disappointing Ikea Rast trip.

ikea-undredal nightstand store display

Ikea Undredal nightstand = love at first sight…

When one door closes, patiently wait for another & BETTER door to open! I’m soooo glad we didn’t settle for the Rast & we decided to be adults & practice patience, waiting for something better to come along. We love, love, love the Ikea Undredal nightstand.  

Ikea undredal nightstand styled at home


1. Already a “10” – it’s completely finished!!

2. Stuff goes deep – its deep drawers open the whole way.

3. Soft & sensitive – its drawers soft-close. 🙂 No annoying sounds!!!

4. Strong, beefy and “in it for the long haul” – its sturdily constructed & heavy. No cheap construction here.

5. Versatile – don’t like the hardware? No problem, easily switch it out to suit your tastes.

6. It’s “open” to help you get your “stuff” problem under control. Not only does it offer 2 deep & spacious drawers for storage, but also has an open shelf.

7. Champagne taste on a “supermarket bottle of wine budget”. Super inexpensive!! Only $149.00!! Trust me, if you’ve priced nightstands at other retailers, you know they can be absurdly expensive… $600+ for one nightstand?! WTF?!


close-up of the bottom lined-drawer

Just a PSA…

*I took us forever to find the Ikea Undredal nightstand in the warehouse. The tag on the display had the incorrect aisle & bin number, so just have patience & look around before giving up!

*It comes in 2 separate boxes, so be sure to pick-up both of them!!

ikea undredal nightstand in the warehouse


Ikea undredal nightstand styled at home

Don’t settle for the Rast when you deserve a “night” in shining armour. 🙂 What are you waiting for? The Undredal You need the Undredal nightstand in your life. 



Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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