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Kitchen Coat Closet Makeover

Kitchen Coat Closet Makeover

If our musical kitchen closets were a soap opera, they would appropriately be called, “As the Closet Turns.” Because holy fuck, this kitchen coat closet makeover we’re discussing today has had its fair share of “drama” & role changes. Discover how & why we transformed a coat closet into a reach-in kitchen pantry & then back into a coat closet again. You don’t want to miss my tips on how to create a practical coat closet, using the “dead space” to maximize storage in a small kitchen. If you have enough space then you could check out this Wooden coat stand instead if you would prefer to just do it that way.


After our engagement, we combined 2 very full homes. To accommodate our “extra stuff,” this bachelor coat closet was hastily transformed into a pantry with unfinished floating white shelves. Now that we’ve evolved, paired-down & gave our kitchen a makeover & have re-sale in mind, we converted this kitchen pantry back into a coat closet.

transform a coat closet into a pantry and then back into a coat closet
From Bachelor Coat Closet into a hasty kitchen pantry & then back into a coat closet again… but much better than the 1st coat closet.


If there’s anything I’m more paranoid about than our home catching fire, it’s our home flooding from a fire sprinkler. To allay my paranoia, Jonathan installed a fire sprinkler cage BEFORE we converted the bachelor coat closet into a kitchen pantry.

cage for fire sprinkler to prevent accidents
#SorryNotSorry, we didn’t remove the cage when painting to convert this pantry into a coat closet.

It’s reckless to have a sprinkler head in a closet with a low ceiling & NO cage. This cage gives me peace of mind from worrying that something won’t accidentally hit the sprinkler head & flood our home.


The best DIY home improvements are free or cost next-to-nothing. We only spent $2.50 for the clothing rod brackets. We used paint from our stash; re-used 1 of the white floating shelves & shopped our home for the blue “shoe cubby” & the fabric storage bins.

Side Note: We’re huge advocates for using what you have! Do the fabric bins match? No, not at all. Life isn’t perfect & neither is every single one of our DIY projects. In this case, DONE & PRACTICAL is better than PERFECTION.

organize & maximize the dead space in your kitchen coat closet
Don’t have time to read this long post with tons of helpful tips? Pin it for later to easily come back to it.

First, we removed all of the white floating shelves & brackets from the pantry EXCEPT for one to repurpose for the coat closet. We repurposed the removed floating shelves in our other kitchen closet.

coat closet with 1 floating shelf
There were many unfinished floating shelves, now there’s only one.

Okay, so we technically did remove the remaining white shelf, so we could paint the walls, ceiling & floating shelf brackets.

floating shelf in coat closet
We waited until the paint CURED before installing the clothing rod brackets.


  • To get the floating shelf aesthetic, you need to paint the shelf brackets the same color as the wall. We used Behr’s Classic Silver, the same color as our stairway.
  • As with any small space, if you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, it makes the space look & feel larger.
  • To avoid your freshly painted walls looking like complete shit, WAIT UNTIL THE PAINT HAS CURED BEFORE INSTALLING ANYTHING!
  • It’s important to wait until your freshly painted walls have CURED before installing anything. So many people make the mistake of installing items on dry-to-the-touch-walls.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before installing anything to avoid those hideous lines of demarcation.
coat closet makeover
Almost impossible to get a picture without a shadow from the door.
  • You can never go wrong with fabric storage bins!
  • Always opt for fabric storage bins or bins made with natural materials.
    • Unlike plastic bins, fabric storage bins are non-toxic & don’t “off-gas”

I repurposed a metal stand {that was my grandparents} into a shoe cubby with leftover fabric storage bins from my bedroom closets. I used 2 other leftover closet bins to organize our winter gear, umbrellas, scarves & hats.

organize a coat closet with fabric storage bins
It was almost pure luck that these pink & white bins fit into this metal stand that my grandpa used to use as a coffee station.


My favorite part about this kitchen coat closet makeover is how we maximized the space on the back of the door. Okay, so we actually maximized this space before converting the pantry back to a coat closet. BUT… we did organize it a bit better & replaced the cardboard on the bottom shelves with a “classier” version.

Although the repurposed curtain packaging is plastic, it works so well to organize the most practical items from Ikea.

kitchen command center makeover
From “trashy” to “classy.” Haha!

The top of our kitchen command center is just as practical. We used small command hooks, binder clips, labels & an Ikea dog butt hook to organize our coupons & our freezer cooking supplies.

organized kitchen command center
Seriously, every time I open this door, the cute dog butt hook makes me smile.

The pre-cut unbleached wax paper sheets save us a ton of time when we prepare our delicious seasoned “freezer burgers.”

best way to organize coupons
The BEST way to store & organize coupons. It doesn’t get any easier or more practical than this!

Do you want to know a secret? The front of this very same door works just as hard as the back of the door. It’s true, the front of this door helps us with our monthly meal plans & grocery lists.


The hardest step to any home improvement is getting started. We’ve made it a bit easier to organize & maximize your kitchen coat closet with curated items to give you a jump-start.


We are ALL about keeping our home practical & maximizing the dead space in our small kitchen. Always remember that DONE & PRACTICAL is always better than dragging your feet waiting for perfection. Hopefully our small kitchen storage hacks sparked you to make your kitchen closets work for you!





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