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Create DIY Art Using Your Favorite Song Lyrics (Pop Art Series)

Create DIY Art Using Your Favorite Song Lyrics (Pop Art Series)

This lyric art is the second installment of our Pop Art Series. To check out the first installment, click here.


This is the easiest 2-step customizable DIY art project ever. With sticker letters & paint, we created lyric art aka pop art. But what the hell is Pop Art? Pop Art is art that does the talking. The talking can be anything from an inspirational/motivational quote; a favorite movie quote or favorite recipe; to a favorite saying or events from your favorite day. The possibilities are literally endless!

This particular DIY art project combined a rather large canvas & our love song. Things didn’t quite shake out as planned, but with some clever improvising, it turned out great!

large art canvas with eiffel tower

Ever since we “discovered” our love song, I thought it would be neat to somehow incorporate that into our home design. I had this particular large art canvas prior to combining houses with my now-hubby. As always, just as I’m ready to get rid of something , a great idea strikes! “This canvas is large enough to fit part of the lyrics to our love song on it!”


turn your favorite song lyrics into DIY art


This idea came at the perfect timing… it was Snowmaggedon of January 2016, we were snowed-in & incredibly bored out of our minds! We needed something to do to distract us from our cabin fever. Thankfully, we were able to get started on this lyric art by improvising our plan to work with the supplies we had in our stash.

picture from my window of the 2016 snow blizzard
Here’s a snapshot of a video – you can see how much snow we received during the blizzard.


With your lyrics in mind, place sticker letters on the canvas. This was a pain, because we weren’t sure where to “start” the lyric, how much of the lyrics to include & where to “end” the lyric.

But here’s the catch, we ran out of sticker letters…

Towards the end, we ran out of certain letters. Our plan? We decided to take out the words “love” & “heart” & drew a heart in their placeCreativity can come out of desperation. 🙂 

black sticker letters on eiffel tower canvas

The perfectionist in me was annoyed with how wonky some of the letters looked. After debating repositioning the letters for the millionth time, hubby suggested leaving it alone, since it “added character”.


After you get through the drama & ffrustration with the sticker letters, it’s time to paint! We didn’t have any white acrylic craft paint in our stash, so we used the next best thing…leftover trim paint.

But why so much blank space at the bottom?…

white paint over the lyrics aka sticker letters

 Although we wanted to cover the entire canvas with sticker letters, we didn’t like the lyrics being cut-off at a weird spot. Before the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the letter stickers. We recommend using an old pair of tweezers.


finished lyric art hanging on the wall

When the paint was completely dry, I drew hearts to replace the words “love” & “heart” with red acrylic craft paint & “signed” Ed Sheeran’s name in cursive. 

To capitalize on the blank space at the bottom, I wrote our anniversary date in roman numerals… After all, this is our love & it just seemed fitting.

lyric art stepsWhat do you think of our upcycled large art canvas? Hopefully we’ve inspired you to think of a way to reuse, repurpose & upcycle any piece of art that you no longer love or have been thinking about donating. Use your creativity & inspiration to transform those unwanted &/or ugly art pieces into a custom piece for your home.

Let Your Art Do The Talking!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



  1. Nikki
    August 6, 2016 / 10:13 am

    Definitely inspired me. Love this idea! Thank you. Now I just have to dins the perfect canvas.

    • August 9, 2016 / 12:29 pm

      Awesome sauce!! I’m glad we inspired you! You have awesome taste in music, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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