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Musical Kitchen Closet Plans

Musical Kitchen Closet Plans 

Despite the single-digit weather this month, we’ve been focused on conquering our January goals. More specifically, we’ve been conquering our “musical” kitchen closet plans, as part of the 2nd phase of our Kitchen Makeover. What’s in the plans for the closets? We are switching the functions of 2 of the kitchen closets & giving all 3 kitchen closets a makeover.

As with most of our home improvement projects, we always tackle the ones that take the most amount of time first. Our reasoning is quite simple. We plan to sell our home in the future, so while we have the luxury of time now & aren’t on a time-crunch, time-intensive projects with the highest ROI come first. 


We decided to conquer closet #1 first -the smallest closet with the least amount of chaos. This closet was originally a mini pantry, complete with hideous builder-grade wire shelving. Have you ever tried to stack canned goods on a wire shelf? Complete shit show.

kitchen closet plans for incredibly tiny closet
It doesn’t get smaller than this…

 After I moved in, we had a “half-baked” idea to transform this mini pantry into a coat closet. I say “half-baked” because the closet wasn’t deep enough for hangers… so if we wanted the door closed, we’d have to do a “shove & shut.” I’m sure potential buyers would have been impressed with our “shove & shut” technique {*sarcasm*}. 

kitchen closet plans for the barely functioning coat closet
Coat closet today, tiny AF mini pantry tomorrow…

I desperately wanted it to function as a coat closet, but all other grandiose ideas of keeping it as a coat closet fell flat. The space was just too damn limiting… so we made the adult decision to revert it back to a mini pantry … sans wire shelving.

Estimated Cost – Kitchen Closet #1: $0.00

  • Shelving & Wood Brackets= re-purposing from Closet #3 = free
  • Paint & materials = from our stash = free. 


This closet is the only kitchen closet that’s not playing musical kitchen closets. It will remain a walk-in pantry, but will get a complete makeover. If you follow us on Facebook, we recently shared a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of the walk-in pantry, all bare-naked & ready to be painted. {The space was naked, not us – this isn’t PornHub ;-)}

musical kitchen closet plans

As much as it pains me to say this… we’re going to keep the wire shelving that was already in this space {from the previous owner}. The cost of replacing the shelving in a space this large isn’t conducive to an ROI. It also pains me to say that we’re actually going to be adding an additional wire shelf for more storage. More “storage systems” = the illusion of a bigger space. 


  • Paint – we’re using paint from our paint stash = free
  • Light fixture – $100 – $150
  • Flooring – $35.00 {+ leftovers from our recent guest bath flooring project} – the walk-in pantry flooring will be pseudo-similar to this faux marble flooring
  • Additional wire shelf + brackets – $45.00

Hopefully the new wall paint, ceiling paint, new flooring & new light fixture will distract from the hideous wire shelving. 

Here are a few flush-mount light fixtures we’re considering…

{P.S. – if you like any of these light fixtures, just hover over them to shop.}

Fingers crossed, if the dimensions of the Sputnik light fixture will work with this space, this baby will be ours. 🙂


Kitchen Closet #3 is playing musical kitchen closets with Closet #1 aka the tiny AF closet! When I moved into Jonathan’s “bachelor pad” many moons ago, this closet was a disorganized shoe closet, complete with luxurious wire shelving {*sarcasm*}.

bachelor shoe closet
Excuse the shitty quality … Jonathan took this with his shit-tastic Android phone & sent it to me when we were dating … to “show-off” his closet space. haha!

To accommodate our “merged” kitchens aka an abundance of kitchen shit, we converted this gym shoe closet into a reach-in pantry. 

Fast forward to 2018, after many rounds of purging excess kitchen shit, we decided to switch this closet back to a coat closet… mainly for resale purposes. The “new” coat closet will be getting a fresh coat of paint & a new clothing rod. 


  • Paint = from our stash = free
  • Clothing rod = from our stash = free
  • Clothing rod bracket = $2.50
  • Ability to close a coat closet like a normal human being = PRICELESS!

As with most things, we typically have a method to the madness. We purposely planned all 3 kitchen closet makeovers in January for several reasons…

  • All 3 of our kitchen closet plans are DIY home improvement quick-wins
  • Not a ton of chaos that’s typically involved when displacing an entire space for paint prep
  • With the start of a new year {& the single-digit weather that follows}, we wanted our January DIY projects to make a huge impact, but also to create MOMENTUM to carry-through the rest of Quarter 1 {February & March}.
    • P.S. I recently read this awesome book about not giving a fuck {literally} & the author describes this concept as getting up off your ass & doing something!
    • The art of doing creates motivation.
    • Doing= Momentum &
    • Momentum = Motivation … not vice versa.

Until we reveal each closet & its new makeover for the new year, 







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