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How To Make No-Splatter Bacon Using The NuWave Oven (Kitchen Hack)

How To Make No-Splatter Bacon Using The NuWave Oven (Kitchen Hack)

If you love crispy bacon but hate frying it, this post is for you! This is a fool-proof & easy way to get crispy bacon without all of the hassle, by using the NuWave Oven. I’m a man, so it’s natural that I love all things bacon. After being entranced by the infomercials for the NuWave Oven, I caved &  purchased it. 

My wife totally agrees on the awesomeness that is the NuWave Oven. It’s the best purchase I made in my bachelor days… it totally makes-up for my then-bachelor obsession with buying random Target clearance purchases, like zebra wastebaskets, smoothie makers (I hated fruit then…), art supplies I never used, etc. I digress…

how to make no-splatter bacon


Our NuWave Oven is the best bacon maker ever!!!! My wife & I only eat our bacon crispy & this appliance delivers consistent crispy bacon every time. It’s also the best way to meal-prep bacon. Not only does it make the best bacon, it’s also super easy to use. If I could figure out how to use this before I met my wife, anyone can use this. 🙂


bacon slices in the NuWave Oven


  1. Lay your raw bacon slices on the rack, making sure they aren’t overlapping each other.
  2. Place the lid on
  3. To set the timer for crispy bacon, press “cook time” “1” “2” & “start”

NuWave Oven control panel


After 12 minutes, you have delicious crispy bacon! The best part is that there are no grease splatters & no endlessly turning the bacon strips. This puts on end to grease-splattered clothes.

crispy bacon on the NuWave Oven rack


We usually meal-prep 3 pounds of bacon at a time. You can find out how & why we meal-prep bacon here. If you’re looking for a quick & easy “recipe” for breakfast with bacon, check out our Gluten-Free Breakfast Wraps.  If you love odd combinations, try dipping the bacon into salsa you can thank me after you try it.

The NuWave Oven is the kitchen hack that will deliver no-splatter bacon in 3 easy steps. Once you use this small appliance, you will wonder how you made bacon in the past.


NuWave Oven Rocks!!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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