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Repurpose Wine Corks Into Hangable Art

Repurpose Wine Corks Into Hangable Art

You can probably tell by our wine articles, {4 Things That Destroy Wine & Tasting Like A Pro, just to name a few}, that we love wine. What you may not know is that I haven’t tossed out any wine corks in the hopes that I’d come up with a creative repurposing idea. I’m sharing my creative repurposing idea & several more ideas to help you artfully repurpose your wine corks. I’m also sharing how hanging your art is just as important as the art. 

diy art ideas repurposing wine corks

Repurposing Wine Corks into DIY Hangable Art is incredibly easy! If you love saving your wine corks, but hate the idea of stuffing them in a vase, you need to try this DIY!

wine corks on a cork board

Displaying our wine corks in a vase in our kitchen was out of the question. Space comes at a premium in our kitchen & we need every bit of counter space for cooking, baking & meal-prepping. We found these game-changing typography letters & it solved our problem. (similar ones here.)

wine typography letters

The best part is that the insides of the letters are hollow & wine corks fit perfectly! Displaying wine corks in an artful way is a win-win. 

depth of typography letters


As you can see, we have quite a few more bottles of wine to drink before our WINE letters are filled. But…

collage close-ups of I & N

…has there ever been a better reason to drink more wine? I love these letters, because they easily accommodate large champagne corks, as well as corks attached to plastic screw caps {on some Port-style wines}. 

repurpose wine corks into wine cork art


The best part about our DIY repurposed wine cork art? It visually enlarged the space by increasing the “visual line.” It’s easier to show than to explain… check out the pictures below. 

Remember how I said our kitchen counter space is limited? Well… so is the available wall space to hang anything. The space above the door in our kitchen leading to the garage was the only space available. This is how that space looked before we hung our repurposed wine cork art. 

blank space above door in kitchen leading to garage

Now here is the same space with the repurposed wine cork art letters. Hanging these letters so high does visual wonders for this space. 

space above door with hung letters to repurpose wine corks

The side-by-side comparison of the before & after shows that where & how you hang your art is just as important as the art you create. 

side-by-side comparison of the before & after



Looking for more creative ways to repurpose wine corks into art? Check out these ideas to jump-start your creative thinking.


  • Choose 1 or 2 of your initials OR
  • Create a single monogram {first initial, last initial & middle initial) OR
  • Create a “married monogram” {Partner #1’s first initial; your same last initial; & Partner #2’s first initial}
  • Pick any word & spell it out


  • Choose a wine glass shape to fill
  • Wine cork coasters {not hangable, but equally artful}
  • US Map OR
  • Your favorite state



Who knew you could have so much fun after you’ve drank a bottle of wine! Get those wine corks out of the vase that’s wasting space by transforming them into fun & corky artwork. Use our ideas as a starting point to jump start into creating custom art that’s personal to you! Last but not least, don’t forget that where you hang your art should involve just as much thought as curating, collecting & creating art. Until next time, 

Stay Creative!

Love, Peace & Happiness, 

Hippie & Sparky



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