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Rules For Drinking Wine

Rules for Drinking Wine 

*Fun Fact: I LOVE wine! Are you curious what the rules for drinking wine are? I love educating non-wine drinkers, all about wine, without the pretentiousness. This down-to-earth article explains the rules for drinking wine. This is not another pretentious article about wine, I promise!


#1. Drink what you LOVE;

 #2. LOVE what you drink!

drink what you love, love what you drink

Yes! It’s really that simple! Years ago, when I attended a beach wine festival in Maryland, I met an eclectic older gentleman. He was the wine hostess representing his winery at the festival. I owe my love & appreciation for wine to this person. He completely removed the preconceived pretentiousness that I had thought surrounded wine. He excitedly exclaimed, “There are no rules to wine!” Except of course, to truly drink what you love & love what you drink. How awesome? Who loves rules anyway? I certainly don’t! I march to the beat of my own drums. Haha!

glasses of wine and a cheese boat on a wooden serving tray

Want to know an awesome fun fact he shared? You can mix different wines together & even mix your favorite wine with your favorite liquor for your own unique cocktail. Mind blown, right?! Wine is truly a personalized experience. You have the power & control to drink the wine you love & concoct your very own unique wine cocktails!

Back then, I was a total wine newbie & was pretty much clueless about wine. Fast forward a few years later, I had a part-time gig as a wine hostess at a winery & had a vast knowledge of wine. 

rules for drinking wine


The best way to determine what wines you love is to visit local wineries & partake in a tasting! 

Is it expensive?

Although tasting prices differ from winery to winery, the majority of tastings cost under $8.00 per person! Some wineries even offer a free tasting if you purchase a bottle of wine.

But what if I get hungry?…

A large majority of wineries also offer a small plates menu to enjoy. If they don’t have a small plates menu, almost all wineries at least have cheese & crackers for purchase. If you want to bring your own snacks or picnic lunch, you can call ahead to confirm that the winery has a BYO food policy.

wine with fruit and cheese plate


If you’re a multi-tasker & want to “hit the ground running” with your wine experience, attend a wine festival! Again, prices vary & depends whether you choose general admission or the VIP experience. An average cost for general admission is around $25 or $30 per person; while VIP is generally $75+ per person. It “pays” to attend a wine festival, to get access to a bunch of wineries all in the same place. This is truly the best way to easily determine the types of wine that you prefer. A majority of wine festivals I’ve attended offered UNLIMITED tastings!

wine festival tasting of Virginia's Grape Norton in 4 wine glasses


The rules for drinking wine really are that simple! Wine is a personalized experience, so it’s up to you to drink what you love & love what you drink. Visit a winery or wine festival to start adding wines to your “tried, tasted & love” list! Have fun & enjoy your tasty wine journey.


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky




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