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4 Shoe Storage Solutions: How To Organize Shoes In A Small Space

4 Shoe Storage Solutions: How To Organize Shoes In A Small Space

Do you have too many shoes & not enough space to store them? There could be worse problems to have than not enough shoe storage; nevertheless, these 4 clever & inexpensive shoe storage ideas are the solutions! These space-efficient shoe storage ideas solve how-to store tall boots, flip flops, flats & even off-season shoes. Even though my hubby created a built-in shoe closet for me, it was no match for my mass quantities of shoes! And if you’re really struggling for space, then why not get your priorities sorted, put your sofa in storage (visit webpage) to make more room for the things that truly matter – shoes!


The first step to organizing & storing shoes has nothing to do with organizers, but everything to do with mindset. Be ruthless & purge shoes that you don’t love 100%; are incredibly uncomfortable; or no longer fit your image. Discover how many pairs of my shoes didn’t “make the cut” last year & several ideas to make money from your purged shoes.

Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

shoe storage ideas | how to purge shoes | tips on selling shoes

Once you master this step, you’ll save so much time on your DIY shoe storage ideas. There’s no need to waste space keeping & storing shoes you don’t love 100%. If you need a bit of encouragement, just remember that keeping clothes & shoes that you don’t love 100% contributes to this statement: “I have nothing to wear.”



If you can’t find a matching pair of shoes in a mountainous pile of unorganized shoes, how will you ever be able to conquer the world, let alone get out the front door?

shoe storage ideas for flip flops and flats in small spaces
Choose un-matching baskets for an effortless, carefree & eclectic aesthetic.

The best “tool” for storing & organizing flats, flip flops & slippers are large baskets! I highly recommend using large baskets. Two Words: Functional Décor.

store flip flops, sandals and slippers in a large basket
Storing shoes in a basket makes it super easy to get ready in the mornings when you can see all of your shoes at a quick glance.

I’ve been using this shoe storage method for almost 10 years! They also fit nicely under our Craiglist bench that we transformed into a “million-dollar bench” on a budget. 🙂

the best way to store flats and ballerina shoes
Stack your flats together instead of haphazardly stacking them… it makes life so much easier.
    • Grab an e-coupon & source Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for some of the best deals on large storage baskets.
    • I purchased both of mine at Michael’s for less than $10.00 each… & almost 10 years later, these “el cheapo” baskets have held-up nicely.


The problem with storing tall boots & over the knee boots is that they take up a lot of space. While some boot legs can be folded down to take-up less space, most boots are made with an un-fold-able material {leather}.

how to store tall boots
Yes, I own a pair of fugly Uggs…. they’re incredibly comfortable!

The best storage solution for tall boots is to use an over-the-door shoe rack & lay a pair of boots on each rack. I hang my over-the-door boot rack over my walk-in closet door, so it’s out of sight unless the closet door is opened.

P.S. – Jonathan, in case you’re reading this, there’s an open shelf for another pair of boots on this over-the-door shoe rack. {Hint, hint} Love, -T.


Let’s be real – the less choices you have, the less stressful it is to get dressed. Make your life easier & remove off-season shoes from your built-in shoe closet & store them separately. Because are you really going to wear your summer wedges in 2 inches of snow?

Isaac Mizrahi black and white polka dot large storage bin with a lid
If it looks beat-up, that’s because it is! I’ve had this storage bin for almost 10 years!

Okay, so I used to use 2 different storage bins for my off-season shoes. I used this large black & white polka dot bin with a lid from Isaac Mizrahi & placed it on a top shelf in my reach-in clothes closet.

best organizer bin to store off-season shoes
Isn’t the bright pink interior so much fun? This large storage bin was a total bargain from Gabriel’s aka Gabriel Brother’s.

However… I followed my own “100% love mindset” & purged a ton of shoes last year! I donated 9 pairs of shoes to Goodwill & sold another 9 pairs of shoes between eBay, ThredUp & a local consignment store.

“Shoes must have very high heels & platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.” – Vivienne Westwood

    • If you’re frugal, thrifty & purchase your shoes with an ROI in mind, you can definitely make back what you paid for your shoes + more when you purge them.
    • For example, I recently sold a pair of BCBG leather & sequin high heels via ThredUp & made back what I spent on those shoes 5 years ago! {Use my ThredUp referral link to save money on shopping for shoes & to order a free clean-out bag to make money off of your purged shoes.
    • If you donate your shoes, ask for a tax receipt. Dependent upon your situation, you may/may not be able to deduct this donation from your realized income.
under the bed shoe storage bin with a see through lid
This is hands-down my FAVORITE storage bin for shoes.

So… after purging all of those shoes, I now only need to use 1 storage bin for my off-season shoes. I love this storage better than the Isaac Mizrahi one, because it has a see-through zippered “lid” & it can either fit under my bed OR I can stack it behind clothes in my walk-in closet.

“If your hair is done properly & you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” – Iris Apfel


These shoe storage ideas work, because they are so simple, yet also practical. I love these shoe storage ideas, because they keep your shoe clutter out-of-sight in your bedroom. Although some people like to show of their newest and most expensive shoes by displaying them prominently in their room, if you have a large collection it needs be stored properly! Are you looking for new practical sneakers? Why not visit vessifootwear.com in order to find their stylish, yet waterproof products to add to the collection. As with any organizing task you conquer, purging is the very first step. Remember to practice the “100% love mindset” before organizing & storing your shoes. In closing, I’ll leave you with a quote from the actress Amy Adams.

“I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. & she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end.”

Cheers to Shoe Storage Ideas That Would Make Fairy Tales Envious!




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