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DIY Large Artwork Under $20 (Bigger Is Better On A Budget)

DIY LARGE ARTWORK UNDER $20 (Bigger Is Better… On A Budget)

Is bigger really better? This DIY shower curtain art proves bigger is better … & it’s better on a budget. Yes ladies & gents, it’s not myth, bigger really is better. 😉 At least, that’s what I’ve learned from my wife, & she’s never wrong. I can’t keep track of all those times I should have listened to my wife, & I had to find out the hard way that she was right…

(e.g.: I should have listened last weekend at our pool when my wife told me to apply sunscreen…Guess what?! I turned into Lobster Husband & it was painful).

Wow, I really got way off topic. I digress…

Bigger is better, when it comes to decorating. When she told me we could achieve the “bigger look” on a budget… I was all ears. My wife is my decorating & home improvement guru. I’ve been soaking up all of her knowledge & expertise, like a porous sponge. Get ready because I’m sharing my favorite decorating tip I’ve learned from her.

create large DIY art for under $20 to fill your bare walls



If you’ve checked out my wife’s post from the Phase 1 of our Stairway Makeover, it was probably hard to miss that giant piece of DIY art on the wall. 


What my wife didn’t share in that post, was the piece of art that was previously hung in the exact same spot.


The difference between the before & the after speaks volumes that size really does matter!! My wife was right… again!

go big to make a big impact in a small space

Although the monkey holding a banana like a gun is fairly big on its own, when placed on such a huge wall, it dwarfs the space. I was skeptical when my wife told me that a much bigger piece of art would make the space feel bigger; but now I’m a believer. Since I’m a numbers guy, & size does matter…

Size Matters

Height (up & down)12' 3"2' 4.5" 5' 6.5"
Width (across)6' 5"3' 4.5"5' 7.5"


  • Step One: Lay the shower curtain on the floor, to determine the size you want your DIY Shower Curtain Artwork.


  • Step Two: The furring strips will become the “frame” for your artwork. Decide whether you want your frame to either be square or rectangle. Once the dimensions are determined, cut your furring strips to the appropriate length. 


  • Step Three: Build your frame, by attaching the furring strips together with 2-inch wood screws. I recommend using a cordless drill for this step. 
  • TIP: Make sure you’re driving the screw through the center of the furring strip, to prevent the wood from splitting.


  • Step Four: After the frame is built, lay it down on the floor, on top of your shower curtain.
  • TIP: Make sure your shower curtain is print side-down. In other words, you should be looking at the back of the shower curtain, with the frame on top of it.


  • Step Five: When you’re happy with the placement, attach the shower curtain to your frame. Attach the shower curtain to the frame, one side at a time, using a staple gun.

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. It was super easy & cheap… under $20.00 cheap. Where else can you get such a huge piece of artwork for under $20.00??!

very large DIY shower curtain artwork hanging on a wall near a red diy light


The myth is true, size really does matter. Bigger Is Better… & it can be achieved on a budget! With under $20.00 in materials, we were able to create a HUGE piece of artwork.


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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