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Family Heirloom – Small Wood Circle Table Makeover

Family Heirloom – Small Wood Table Makeover

After my grandmother passed away, my grandfather gave me a few of my grandmother’s favorite things. One of those items was a small wood circle table. It was scratched-up pretty bad & had gouges, but I didn’t care, I loved it any way. Fast forward a few years later, my sweetheart husband, understanding of the sentimental value this table has to me, suggested we restore it. Jonathan gets all of the credit for this small wood table makeover.  

small wood circle table before the transformation


Restoring it had always crossed my mind several times over the years, but I just wasn’t ready to “disturb” the “originality” just yet. After reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, I had a different way of thinking & approaching sentimental items. This book forces you to ask yourself tough questions surrounding sentimental items. Are you holding onto certain items simply to fill a void, even if no other value is added to your life? OR… Are you holding onto sentimental items because you 100% LOVE them & they add value & purpose to your life? (P.S. I highly recommend this book. You can check out my review here.)

how to transform a piece of furniture with sentimental attachment

This new way of thinking gave me the courage to allow my husband to conquer the small wood table makeover. I came to the conclusion that loved ones that have died would NOT want you to be burdened & overwhelmed by their belongings. I know that my grandmother would adore this lovely “blues makeover.”



After taking off my “sentimental blinders” I could see it needed lots of TLC.

deep gouges and scratches in the table

All credit goes to my sweetheart for giving this table all the TLC it needed. The only thing I can take credit for is the paint color… which is beyond gorgeous! Jonathan decided to give a cheesy infomercial product a try first before sanding. Curious minds needed to know if this shit worked.

dutch glow scratch aide

Don’t waste your time & money, this shit doesn’t work AT ALL. Back to the “sanding table” (haha, get it?) Although the “quick fix” seemed appealing, in the end, good old-fashioned sanding did the trick. Sometimes you just have to revert back to the basics. 🙂

Jonathan sanded the top with the help of a palm sander & sanded the base with sand paper and elbow grease. 


Oh my heavens! This transformation looked even better than I could have imagined. You can never go wrong with a beautiful hue of blue.

Isn’t the color absolutely stunning? I’m beyond impressed with the quality of this paint… especially since it was a Target clearance. Jonathan used 3 coats of Valspar‘s Devine Oceania & 3 coats of the clear sealing wax.  



If you love cobalt blues & sapphire blues, you’ll fall in love with this paint color. I’m already thinking of other projects to paint with this beautiful blue. You definitely want to spend the extra time applying the clear sealing wax. Without the wax, the texture feels rough & unfinished. With the wax, it’s super smooth & feels like butter.

close-up of the legs and base of the small wood table makeover


Although you won’t see the wood grain as you would with a stain, this paint doesn’t completely cover those dark “wood marks.” It’s not noticeable unless you look really close under bright light.

before during and after the small wood table makeover

Even though the project began with a complete failure, it lead us to the correct path we needed to be on. &… we gained the valuable knowledge that Dutch Glow simply doesn’t work as it does on TV. The silver lining is how much we adore Valspar’s Devine Oceania.

Until next time,

“Don’t sweat the small stuff & don’t pet the sweaty stuff.” – Lisa Vanderpump

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky



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