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Storage Bench Makeover & A Life Lesson

Storage Bench Makeover & A Life Lesson


Who knew this small DIY would take months & remind us of valuable life lessons along the way? This storage bench makeover taught us that shit doesn’t always shake out the way you planned; & the smallest projects can cause the most problems.

The small DIY’s always seem to take longer than expected…

Case in point: the red storage bench in my walk-in closet. After my walk-in closet was painted, the red-colored bench was the wrong color for the new space. The size of the bench worked perfectly in the small & narrow space. It provided needed storage; doubled as a “ladder” for me to reach the top shelves; & was a comfy spot for me to sit listlessly trying to pick out an outfit. (Does that sound familiar?)

closet storage bench makeover



We purchased a chalk paint, to avoid the dreaded job of sanding… or so we thought. However, we discovered that this chalk paint didn’t like a finished surface. It literally would NOT dry & it peeled off, much like peeling skin from a sunburn.

I expected much better results from such an expensive paint. (Side note: we used this paint months later on a much smaller scale, on unfinished surfaces & the results were okay.) I will never use this paint on any finished surface, ever again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…can’t get fooled again! 

Sometimes it takes trial & error to reach perfection. & sometimes you have to do “that dreaded thing” you didn’t want to do… like sanding.



sanded red bench

Since we just wanted to be done with this project, we only sanded off the crap paint, using an electric sander. Sometimes half-baking shit is necessary to maintain your sanity. What a huge mess this made in our garage! The red dust all over the floor & walls made it look like a murder scene! Although sanding wasn’t overly time-intensive, wiping the bench clean from the red dust took FOREVER! I’ve never been so thankful for tack cloths.


Thankfully, our second attempt at painting my closet bench worked. I’m so thankful, because patience were wearing thin. The redeeming paint is Valspar’s Chalky Finish paint line in Sapphire Bracelet, a beautiful deep blue color.

valspar chalky paint in sapphire bracelet

Although this is a relatively small piece of furniture, it took as much time to paint as an entire room. This storage bench makeover took a total of three coats of Sapphire Bracelet & two coats of Americana’s protective wax top coat.

storage bench makeover with storage bins

close-ups of the blue storage bench makeover


I couldn’t be (a) happier to finally be done with this “nightmare” of a painting project & (b) happier that the final product looks so good & looks much, much better in my walk-in closet.

My sweet hubby found the adorable storage bins at Super Target in the dollar section. The bins were only $3.00 a piece & are almost the perfect size for this bench. If only they would be a bit deeper…

storage-bins in transformed blue bench

To make things look better, I pull the bins towards the front of the bench’s opening to keep them flush. I can’t wait to reveal our master bedroom’s walk-in closet to show how awesome this looks in our closet. What do you think of the before & after of the furniture transformation?


It would have been easier to purchase another bench to go with the new paint in the closet, but the dimensions of this bench were just perfect. We would have been hard-pressed to find another bench with the same exact dimensions, with storage, a comfy cushion & in the color we wanted. This small DIY definitely tested our patience, but we didn’t give up! After all, it’s just a bench! Life isn’t about things always going perfectly as planned. Life is all about how you handle & react when shit goes wrong. 


This storage bench makeover took us a few months to complete. After our first painting attempt, it sat in our garage for a few weeks; & then for a few more weeks after sanding; & even more weeks on top of that before we tackled the dust with tack cloths. An inch is an inch. If all you accomplish today is one inch, that’s one less inch you have to conquer tomorrow.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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