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Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later: Did I Renew My Membership?

Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later: Did I Renew My Membership?

Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later: Did I Renew My Membership?

In May 2016, I bought a Thrive Market membership, after loving their free 30-day trial. In July 2016, I wrote about the 16 reasons why I loved Thrive Market back then. My 1st year’s membership came to an end & was up for renewal in May 2017. Did I renew my membership? Absolutely, positively, YES! Discover why I renewed my membership in this follow-up post, Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later. {Spoiler Alert: Thrive Market saved me a shit ton of $$ … hundreds of dollars in 1 year!}

is a Thrive Market membership worth the cost?

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Trust me, if you don’t have a Thrive Market membership yet, my Thrive Market Review – 1 year later about how their customer service blew me away will make you want to join! But first, let’s get this out of the way…¬†

Thrive Market may not be for you if….

  • you’re unrealistic & expect everything to arrive undamaged from shipping every time, OR
  • you don’t understand that they’re an eco-friendly company. If a single item is damaged, they won’t be sending a replacement, you’ll receive a coupon code for the value of the item.¬†


Just a quick recap from last year, these are the reasons why I loved Thrive Market. {To read the full review from 2016, please click here.} 

  1. Affordable prices!
  2. Register for free to browse their site
  3. Responsive app for your phone
  4. Free 30-day membership —doesn’t begin until you place your 1st order
  5. NO shady business –¬†you receive a few emails prior to the end of your trial membership, so you can easily cancel, without ever being charged,¬†if you’re not completely satisfied.
  6. Awesome¬†promotions – extra promo discounts; free gift with purchase; free shipping over “x” dollars
  7. User-friendly site & app!
  8. All information about a product is on the same page – quickly check out ingredients, values, valuable reviews from other members, nutrition facts, etc.
  9. The percentage you save over retail with each item is clearly listed
  10. Quickly & easily re-order a previous order – HUGE timesaver!
  11. Create a shopping list within the app
  12. Customer service is amazing! If something is wrong, they will make it right
  13. Easily shop by your values (diet) (e.g. : gluten-free; moms; paleo; raw; staples & vegan)
  14. Earn monetary credits for referring your friends
  15. With every membership purchased, a membership is donated to low-income families
  16. Orders are packed with extreme care, love & attention!
is a Thrive Market membership worth the cost?

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Thrive Market is just like a fine wine… they’ve gotten even better with time! Our first paid year of membership was more like a “trial” to us to (a) determine how often we’d place orders; & (b) how much we would save to determine if it was worth the cost of the membership.

Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later… Why we continue to love Thrive…

  • We saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars our first year {keep reading to find out how much}…
  • & only 3 months into our 2nd year of membership, we’ve saved $149.78!
  • We’ve received free gifts with purchase {GWP} for almost every order. We time our orders around the GWP items that we’d like to try & when they offer 10% or 15% coupon codes off your entire order.¬†
  • They continuously add new & awesome products at steep savings
  • Every few months, they send a member survey to get your feedback, so they can improve & give members a better shopping experience.
Why Thrive Market has the BEST customer service!…
  • We’ve experienced a few “issues” with orders arriving damaged from transit… but Thrive Market’s customer service team was super quick to make things right.¬†
    • They emailed coupon codes for the value of the damaged item, to be used on our next order.

The time their customer service blew me away…

A few months ago, we placed an order around the free GWP that we wanted to try – Primal Kitchen’s Chocolate Hazelnut Grass-Fed Collagen Bars. It was an item that we had wanted to try, but didn’t want to spend $14.95 for 6 bars. I was pumped when it was the daily GWP, so I placed a stock-up order.¬†

A day before I even received my order, their customer service team reached out to me. They caught a mistake in their warehouse… after they shipped my order. Instead of packing the hazelnut bars, they accidentally packed the almond version of those bars instead. I was floored! I honestly probably wouldn’t have even noticed the mistake, but they were on top of things! They apologized & gave me a coupon code to redeem the hazelnut bars with my next order.¬†


The $59.95 yearly membership was well worth it! 

We saved $724.34!!!!! {which doesn’t even include the free shipping that we’ve received with every order we placed.}

With that savings, how could we now renew our membership for another year? We simply can not get the same savings on our favorite items from brick & mortar stores near us. Whole Foods, Wegmans & the local health food stores’ prices are much, much higher than Thrive Market.


It’s incredible that we saved $724.34 during our first year with Thrive Market. We absolutely renewed our Thrive Market membership in May 2017 & have already saved $149.78. It’s true, the cost of the yearly membership pays for itself over & over. Not only does Thrive Market have much lower prices than our local brick & mortar stores, but we can’t even find most of our favorite items in those stores. Click here to join & save hundreds of dollars. Until next time,







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