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Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later: Did I Renew My Membership?

Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later: Did I Renew My Membership?

In May 2016, I bought a Thrive Market membership, after loving their free 30-day trial. In July 2016, I wrote about the 16 reasons why I loved Thrive Market back then. My 1st year’s membership came to an end & was up for renewal in May 2017. Did I renew my membership? Absolutely, positively, YES! Discover why I renewed my membership in this follow-up post, Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later. {Spoiler Alert: Thrive Market saved me a shit ton of $$ … hundreds of dollars in 1 year!}

is a Thrive Market membership worth the cost

Trust me, if you don’t have a Thrive Market membership yet, my Thrive Market Review – 1 year later about how their customer service blew me away will make you want to join! But first, let’s get this out of the way… 

Thrive Market may not be for you if….

  • you’re unrealistic & expect everything to arrive undamaged from shipping every time, OR
  • you don’t understand that they’re an eco-friendly company. If a single item is damaged, they won’t be sending a replacement, you’ll receive a coupon code for the value of the item. 


Just a quick recap from last year, these are the reasons why I loved Thrive Market. {To read the full review from 2016, please click here.} 

  1. Affordable prices!
  2. Register for free to browse their site
  3. Responsive app for your phone
  4. Free 30-day membership —doesn’t begin until you place your 1st order
  5. NO shady business – you receive a few emails prior to the end of your trial membership, so you can easily cancel, without ever being charged, if you’re not completely satisfied.
  6. Awesome promotions – extra promo discounts; free gift with purchase; free shipping over “x” dollars
  7. User-friendly site & app!
  8. All information about a product is on the same page – quickly check out ingredients, values, valuable reviews from other members, nutrition facts, etc.
  9. The percentage you save over retail with each item is clearly listed
  10. Quickly & easily re-order a previous order – HUGE timesaver!
  11. Create a shopping list within the app
  12. Customer service is amazing! If something is wrong, they will make it right
  13. Easily shop by your values (diet) (e.g. : gluten-free; moms; paleo; raw; staples & vegan)
  14. Earn monetary credits for referring your friends
  15. With every membership purchased, a membership is donated to low-income families
  16. Orders are packed with extreme care, love & attention!


Thrive Market is just like a fine wine… they’ve gotten even better with time! Our first paid year of membership was more like a “trial” to us to (a) determine how often we’d place orders; & (b) how much we would save to determine if it was worth the cost of the membership.

Thrive Market Review – 1 Year Later… Why we continue to love Thrive…

  • We saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars our first year {keep reading to find out how much}…
  • & only 3 months into our 2nd year of membership, we’ve saved $149.78!
  • We’ve received free gifts with purchase {GWP} for almost every order. We time our orders around the GWP items that we’d like to try & when they offer 10% or 15% coupon codes off your entire order. 
  • They continuously add new & awesome products at steep savings
  • Every few months, they send a member survey to get your feedback, so they can improve & give members a better shopping experience.
Why Thrive Market has the BEST customer service!…
  • We’ve experienced a few “issues” with orders arriving damaged from transit… but Thrive Market’s customer service team was super quick to make things right. 
    • They emailed coupon codes for the value of the damaged item, to be used on our next order.

The time their customer service blew me away…

A few months ago, we placed an order around the free GWP that we wanted to try – Primal Kitchen’s Chocolate Hazelnut Grass-Fed Collagen Bars. It was an item that we had wanted to try, but didn’t want to spend $14.95 for 6 bars. I was pumped when it was the daily GWP, so I placed a stock-up order. 

A day before I even received my order, their customer service team reached out to me. They caught a mistake in their warehouse… after they shipped my order. Instead of packing the hazelnut bars, they accidentally packed the almond version of those bars instead. I was floored! I honestly probably wouldn’t have even noticed the mistake, but they were on top of things! They apologized & gave me a coupon code to redeem the hazelnut bars with my next order. 


The $59.95 yearly membership was well worth it! 

We saved $724.34!!!!! {which doesn’t even include the free shipping that we’ve received with every order we placed.}

With that savings, how could we now renew our membership for another year? We simply can not get the same savings on our favorite items from brick & mortar stores near us. Whole Foods, Wegmans & the local health food stores’ prices are much, much higher than Thrive Market.


It’s incredible that we saved $724.34 during our first year with Thrive Market. We absolutely renewed our Thrive Market membership in May 2017 & have already saved $149.78. It’s true, the cost of the yearly membership pays for itself over & over. Not only does Thrive Market have much lower prices than our local brick & mortar stores, but we can’t even find most of our favorite items in those stores. Click here to join & save hundreds of dollars. Until next time,







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