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How And Why You Need To Do A Toxic Nail Polish Purge

How And Why You Need To Do A Toxic Nail Polish Purge

How & Why You Need To Do A Toxic Nail Polish Purge

During my on-going phase of weeding out toxic products from our home, I was horrified that I previously never gave much thought to the toxicity level of my nail polish. Why did I decide to do a toxic nail polish purge? After an autoimmune disorder diagnosis, my goal became reducing my body’s toxic burden so that it could heal, & ultimately reverse my autoimmunity.

There’s nothing like a diagnosis of autoimmunity to change your entire lifestyle & your entire way of thinking. I’ve literally turned into that “health nut.” I’m only short of being a Prius owner to be a full-blown “health nut”. Haha!


BECAUSE FORMALDEHYDE BELONGS ON DEAD PEOPLE. If that didn’t grab your attention, nothing will. Although your skin is your body’s largest organ, it doesn’t have a filtering system. When you apply toxic nail polish to your nails, the toxins (formaldehyde et al.) absorb into your skin through your nail beds. Certain types of nail polish, especially if they’ve been open for a while, can cause nail fungus infections. If this happens to you then use alliance health pure nails pro to help get rid of it.

how and why you should purge your nail polish


Purging the toxic nail polish from my collection was not an easy task. It took me hours to complete. Why so long? Because as with most beauty products, most nail polishes were missing an ingredient list. I came up with these 5 guidelines to help me with this purging process:

  • For quick & easy answers, I consulted the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. Their database allows you to search almost 70,000 brands to determine their safety. EWG ranks the safety of products by giving them a score of 1 (very safe) to 10 (dangerous & unsafe).


  • For polishes without ingredient lists & not yet in the EWG’s database, I searched for the ingredient list on the brand’s website.


  • I also researched every ingredient to determine what it’s derived from – for instance, propylene glycol (PG), which is in most beauty products, is a byproduct of fossil fuel. PG is definitely NOT an ingredient you want to put on your body.


  • Any polish that was less than 7-free, free from the 7 most toxic ingredients, got tossed in the purge pile.


  • Nail polish with ingredients like parabens; phthalates; heavy metals (nickel & lead); formaldehyde; formaldehyde resin; or GMO’s, automatically went to the purge pile.


After weeding out the toxic nail polish from my collection, I was left with only a handful of nail polish that I deemed “semi-acceptable.” These are all of the toxic nail polishes that didn’t make the cut…

polishes that didn't make the toxic nail polish purge cut

It was hard to purge all of this shit, considering the amount of money that I was essentially throwing away.I kept telling myself “how fucking lame would it be to die because your body is overburdened with toxins?!” ANSWER: LAME AF!


In the small pile of nail polish that I kept, one brand stood out to me. It was a nail polish brand that I received in an Ipsy beauty bag, Trust Fund Beauty. This brand’s nail polish is 10-FREE! {Free of the 10 most harmful ingredients.}

I don’t know about you, but I’m more comfortable using a nail polish that’s 10-free; instead of only 3-free or 5-free. Click this link to learn more about this brand.

why you shouldn't use toxic nail polish


I challenge you to go through your own nail polish collection & at the very least, purge the most toxic polishes. Do your own research to educate yourself & to form your own guidelines of what you deem to be unacceptable.

Your body is your temple. Don’t pollute your body with toxins; toxic products; or even formaldehyde. You deserve better than toxic nail polish!!

Detox For Wellness!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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