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Vintage Frame Makeover

Vintage Frame Makeover

After we fixed this broken but beautiful frame with this trick, it was ready to participate in Vintage Frame Makeover Magic. Wow! … is all we can say about this gorgeous makeover. As soon as the bold color of spray paint touched the frame, it instantly reminded me of Beauty & The Beast. 

update a vintage frame into a goal board

There’s just something that draws us towards all things vintage, a certain je ne sais quoi. {Like this desk, TV & window frame.} We love the character & the uniqueness of vintage pieces.



damaged vintage frame fixed with DIY trick


We love bold, bright & in-your-face-colors. There’s nothing wrong with striving to be more bold in your decorating… & that’s exactly what we did. The gorgeous intricate detail on this frame was begging for a bold yet royal-looking color. 

What was our royal color pick?…

Rust-oleum’s Gloss Purple spray paint. The colored lid on this spray paint absolutely doesn’t justify this gorgeous color. 

rust-oleum's gloss purple spray paint


Our jaws dropped as soon as the royal color touched the frame. This color instantly transformed this vintage frame makeover to “million-dollar-makeover status.”

1st coat of gloss purple spray paint on our vintage frame makeover

Usually we hate the 1st coat of anything {spray paint, paint, stain, etc.}, but this spray paint is unlike any other. This gloss purple brought its “A-game.” 

up-close collage of how beautiful & bold the 1st coat of Rust-oleum's gloss purple looks

The gorgeous & bold 1st coat of spray paint, gave us the motivation to give this vintage beauty 2 more coats of gloss purple. 

spray painting the 2nd gloss purple coat onto the frame, sitting on saw horses
Wannabe Banksy. haha!


Restoring this vintage piece did not come easy or quick. It took us a few days to fix the damaged areas & to build-up the frame in some spots & 2 days to finish the 3 coats of gloss purple. 

up-close look at the 3 coats of spray paint with 1 glossy top coat
Doesn’t this design & the royal purple color remind you of Beauty & the Beast?

To protect our time investment, we gave this frame 1 coat of a glossy top coat.

up-close look at a finished corner of the frame


Our purpose behind this vintage frame makeover was to help us achieve our goals…

It’s easier to make your goals become a reality if you write them down & have visual reminders. We already created a “written goal board,” but we wanted a Visual Goals Board, too!

an example of our written goals from Q2 on a dry-erase white board

With the help of 2 inexpensive DIY supplies, we conquered this vintage frame makeover into a Visual Goals Board.

First things first…

We purchased a sheet of corkboard from Michael’s & cut it to size to fit our frame.

By using a mobile coupon, this corkboard sheet was only $8.49!

sheet of corkboard that we will cut to size to fit our vintage frame makeover

The most important DIY supply item for any frame…

Turnbuttons! This picture frame hardware has an odd name, but you need these little pieces anytime you buy a “naked” frame. Whether you’re using your frame for pictures, a dry-erase board or a corkboard, turnbuttons are essential. 


up-close look at the install of a turnbutton on the back of the vintage picture frame


We couldn’t be happier with our vintage frame makeover & the transformation into our Visual Goals Board. It looks so good hanging in our home office. Of course, using regular push-pins would be too basic for us. We will be creating some custom push-pins… We go big or go home… even with little details. 

a sneak peak of our bold office
A sneak peak into our bold home office.

vintage frame makeover with corkboard insert hanging in our bold home office vintage frame makeover transformed into a Vision Goals Board

Let us know your thoughts! Would you like to see even more vintage makeovers? Until next time, 





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