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Vintage Thrifted TV Makeover – Part 1

Vintage Thrifted TV Makeover – Part 1

If there has ever been a project that has been a thorn in our sides for too long, it’s this vintage TV makeover. It has been in our garage FOREVER!!!! True story, we bought this clunky wooden vintage TV before our Honeymoon… in 2015. & guess what? It’s STILL not finished. Ha! Although we have made some progress, albeit minimal, we’d love to hear your opinions! What would you do in phase 2, to hit this vintage tv makeover out of the park? 🙂

how we transformed a vintage tv into a piece of furniture - part one

Jonathan first noticed this vintage piece of crap  at the Habitat for Humanity Restore while we were there searching for light fixtures to upcycle. It was love at first sight for hubby. He was drawn like a mosquito to light to this vintage TV, all because of this pin. We didn’t purchase it at that time, but it was still there a few weeks later. It was marked down to $50.00 & since hubby literally couldn’t contain his obsession, I cracked & gave the “okay.”


Jonathan was so excited to get started on his very own vintage TV makeover/upcycling project, that he started ripping out the “guts” before I had a chance to photograph it. Here’s the TV in all of its chunky, dusty glory without its guts or knobs. (By the way, the red dust all over the tv comes from sanding this furniture makeover.)

Here’s what the original knobs & hardware look like. Can you imagine the struggle back in the day? Changing the channel without a remote? Complete savages! Ha!

original knobs and hardware removed before vintage tv makeover

Guess what? Jonathan’s excitement wore off right after taking out the guts & knobs. & there this massive piece of furniture sat for almost a year & a half, wasting precious space in our tiny garage. I guess some great projects need to percolate for awhile, right? Haha!

Before the excitement wore off, we both used wood-fill like madmen, filling the gouges & imperfections.


Almost 2 years later, we make the decision to cut the TV in half. If you can’t tell from the pictures, it’s super bulky & too wide. A small condo + a bulky piece of furniture doesn’t mix…. it needed to be slimmed down.

With the precision of a plastic surgeon, Jonathan taped up the TV & marked a line directly in the middle of the TV. I guess you could say lines were drawn. 🙂  All taped up & ready for surgery.

3 views of the taped-up tv

line drawn on the tape to help guide cutting

Using a cordless circular saw this chunk-ster was slim & trim in a matter of minutes. The quick surgery gave it the modern update it so desperately needed.

vintage tv makeover part 1 - slim and trim

After the super quick surgery, we used an electric palm sander & gave it a quick sanding to prep for paint.

slimmed down version sanded with palm sander


Phase 1 of this vintage tv makeover is completed. Phase 2 of the vintage tv makeover requires some tough decisions & almost 21 questions. 🙂

  • Do we spray paint the knobs & the other hardware?
  • What color(s) do we paint the TV?
  • Should we convert it into a bar or a bookshelf? (I vote for bookshelf; hubby votes for bar)
  • Do we keep those weird corner wood pieces on the top 2 corners of the large opening?
  • Should we replace &/or upholster the original fabric thing?
  • Should we convert the bottom opening into a shelf?

So many questions, but yet we have so little answers. Ha! This vintage tv makeover project takes the award for the longest amount of time that we’ve drug our feet on a DIY. If you have any input or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment or send us an email. Until next time, we’ll be


Love, Peace & Happiness,

Hippie & Sparky


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