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Walk-In Pantry Makeover + Organization Tips

Walk-In Pantry Makeover + Organization Tips

Thanks to Ben Franklin, our frugality & leftover materials, our walk-in pantry makeover cost less than $250.00! We transformed our walk-in pantry into a functional, organized & glamorous extension of our modern kitchen. Imagine walking into your kitchen pantry … just to admire it! The gorgeous Sputnik chandelier, cool-toned wall color & the luxury vinyl faux marble tiles makes us stop & stare. 

walk-in pantry organization tips
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This kitchen pantry is the third installment of our kitchen closet makeovers. Spark your creativity with 7 practical organization tips & budget-friendly pantry projects to increase your home’s value. {Think ROI!}

builder-grade walk-in pantry
The super basic builder-grade before.


  • Paint
    • Walls – {leftover Behr’s Euro Gray paint} = Free
    • Ceiling {leftover matte white paint} = Free
    • Base trim & shoe molding {leftover glossy white paint} = Free
painting hack for existing shelf anchors
Easy paint hack to reduce paint prep time.
peel and stick marble tiles for affordable flooring
Paint hack #2: Don’t bother protecting the floor if you’re replacing it.
  • Install modern & funky light fixture
    • Sputnik chandelier = $95.99
    • Edison light bulbs = $40.98*
      • *Rookie Mistake: We didn’t order enough light bulbs, yikes! It takes 8 but we only ordered 6 Edison bulbs the first time. This is the adult version of a child receiving a toy without the batteries included.  
the best chandelier for a kitchen pantry
Note to Self: Don’t forget to order light bulbs in the future.
  • Added another shelf
    • Wire shelf + brackets + vertical support = $61.25
      • Adding another shelf elevates your line of vision, which makes the space look & feel larger.  
glamorous and modern walk-in pantry makeover
Raise your shelving, raise your line of vision.


The total out-of-pocket cost was only $238.22, because of 2 very important decisions & a frugal tip from Benjamin Franklin & an investment book. 


#1. Making our design plans around leftover materials.

◊ I had a strong urge to go really bold with a paint color {that we didn’t have in our stash}, but a nugget of information from Benjamin Franklin & the authors of this book, changed our mindset. 

◊ “A penny saved is a penny earned” – famously quoted by B.F. is a positive falsehood. Thanks to compound interest, $1.00 saved today can become $8.00 in 30 years. 

◊ So… instead of money, we made due with what we had in our DIY stash. Because an unnecessary dollar spent is $8.00 lost. 

#2. Opt for projects with return on investment {ROI} potential. 

◊ Wire shelving is on my “designer shit list.” BUT… my love of frugality & ROI is stronger {just by an iota} than my hatred for wire shelving. 

Replacing all of the wire shelving would easily cost $300.00. Since it’s described as a “custom upgrade” in every home listing I’ve read, we kept it. Even though it kills my designer soul. 


Tip # 1: Visual Trickery  

♦ Add another shelf to visually expand your space & add more storage space, too!

◊You can use this designer trick to make any space look & feel larger. This designer trick can also be used to hang curtains.  

how-to visually enlarge a walk-in kitchen pantry
Visually expand a space without knocking down sheet rock.

Tip #2: Lazy Susans 

♦ Store like-items on Lazy Susans to prevent items from being out-of-sight & out-of-mind.  

organize a walk in pantry with lazy susans
Note to Nerdy Self: Research the origin of the name: Lazy Susan.

Tip # 3: Maximize Wasted Space 

♦ Add a broom hook to the wall to get things off the floor.

♦ Install an IKEA plastic bag dispenser on the wall.  

♦ Stick command hooks to the back of the door to hang aprons

maximize wall space in a kitchen pantry
Super Heroes in the kitchen & in kitchen pantry designs.

Tip #4: Visual Trick: Many Things = One Thing 

♦ Use storage bins & boxes to store like-items.

◊ A re-purposed heavy-duty coconut water box helps keep plates from our George Foreman Grill & our 4-in-1 grill in one place. 

♦ Instead of seeing many items, you visually see one collective thing, which greatly reduces visual clutter. This also helps us to quickly find exactly what we need, without unnecessary rummaging. 

how to organize glass food containers and lids
My love for organizing bins is strong.

Tip #5: IKEA wicker basket

Store your produce in wicker baskets if you don’t have space for a potato bin.  

how to store produce without a produce bin
No room for a produce bin? No problem, IKEA to the rescue.

Tip # 6: Repurpose an IKEA pot lid organizer

Vertically file muffin tins in an IKEA Variera pot lid organizer.

ikea hack to organize muffin tins and baking sheets
Another IKEA organizing hack.

Tip # 7: Stack glass casserole dishes 

Place a glass casserole dish on the bottom & its inverted lid on top & repeat. No more searching for a lid, because it’s conveniently underneath the casserole dish. 

organize casserole dishes in walk-in pantry
Stack & stack until you can’t stack anymore.
before and after walk-in pantry makeover
It’s hard to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come if you forgot where you started.

Perfect preparation saves time & money. We resisted the urge to skip planning & budgeting, for such a small footprint that is our walk-in pantry. Brian Tracy, author of Eat That Frog!, proposes that perfect preparation can save you hours in execution. 

It’s so easy to grossly underestimate the time & money that’s required for a small space makeover. Going overboard & overspending in a small space is too easy. If we jumped-in without planning & weighing the ROI potential for each project, we could have easily spent $700.00… for a pantry… in a home that we plan to sell in a few years. 

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walk-in pantry organization tips





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