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Wine Tasting 101 (How To Taste Wine Like A Pro)

Wine Tasting 101 (How To Taste Wine Like A Pro)

Take this Wine Tasting 101 crash course to taste wine like a professional & become a refined wine drinker. Absorb my vino knowledge to become a better-informed & refined wine drinker.

Learn how to be a better winer…


Wine Tasting 101 – smelling the wine is an important step before wine tasting. By smelling the wine in your glass, you’re able to pick up on the obvious “notes” of the wine.

Can’t smell anything? Don’t worry, use this professional wine tasting technique…

If you can’t smell anything or want to smell more of the wine notes, try this technique. Place your hand over the top of your glass & carefully swirl the wine around & then take a whiff. You will be able to tell the difference in scent right away. 

wine tasting 101 | tips and techniques to get the most out of your wine tasting


This simple technique enables the wine to come “alive”. You should be able to smell the majority of the “notes” the winemaker has described. Trust me, you’ll be able to distinguish a HUGE difference between smelling your wine “as-is” in your glass & smelling it after using this easy technique. Prepare to be amazed!


Wine Tasting 101 – Tasting is just as important as smelling. But sometimes it’s difficult to taste the wine notes just by sipping alone.

Give this mind-blowing tasting technique a try… 

tasting wine 101 like a boss

  • Take a small sip of your wine, but don’t swallow!
  • While the wine is in your mouth, carefully let in some air with your mouth.
  • Once the wine in your mouth is introduced to oxygen, all of the wine notes become crystal clear.
  • You will be amazed at how different the wine now tastes as opposed to just sipping like normal.

This technique is also perfect for distinguishing one wine from another when tasting multiple wines. This magic tasting technique will definitely help you determine which wines you absolutely love. 

Wine Buying Tip: The next time you’re at a wine tasting or at a wine festival, be sure to use this simple technique to prevent yourself from buying a bottle of wine that you’ll be disappointed in later.


glass of moscato wine

  • Don’t get discouraged if you’re not smelling or tasting every single wine note that has been described by the winemaker.
  • Wine is like perfume. Just as perfume smells different to different people, wine is the exact same way.
  • No two people will be able to smell & taste every single wine note.
  • Wine is a living, breathing thing. It will taste different dependent upon where you’re drinking it, what you’re eating it with & what temperature the wine is. This is the very reason that the wine that you taste at the winery can differ from the bottle of wine that you purchased to take home with you.  

huge wine bottle made out of wine corks


Use this Wine Tasting 101 crash course to become a professional at wine tasting. 

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Cheers To Wine-ing Like A Pro!

Love, Peace & Happiness,

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  1. August 15, 2017 / 11:37 am

    My wife and I think a wine tasting trip would be fun, but neither of us have ever been. It was interesting to me how you suggested swirling the wine in order to get a more accurate idea of what it smells like. We’ll be sure to do this so that we can blend in with other experienced wine tasters!

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